Antipodes Island, New Zealand

On 26 March 1800, Captain Henry Waterhouse discovered the Antipodes. 1814-1815 was the peak of sealing, when over 400,000 animals were killed.

This group of islands consists of the two Windward Islands, the Leeward Island and the Bools Island, and are 62 sq km in size. Antipodes Island is one of the most isolated, least known and rugged of the New Zealand’s Sub Antarctic Islands.

Landings are not allowed in the Antipodes, but even if they were allowed, there would be little room for people, because of all the bird nests on the islands. The Bounty and Antipodes Islands are the only place in the world with the erect-crested penguin (200,000 pairs). The Antipodes parakeet, red-crowned parakeet, and the wandering albatross also nest there. The only species introduced to the islands, are sheep and mice.

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