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23 Night Cruise sailing from Venice to Montevideo onboard MSC Sinfonia.

23 Night Cruise sailing from Venice to Montevideo onboard MSC Sinfonia.

Inspired by the great symphonies of Europe’s finest composers, the MSC Sinfonia cruise ship is a lovely blend of romance, passion and adventure. Italian ambiance abounds, from polished woods, to fine artwork and our beautifully relaxing spa. To step aboard MSC Sinfonia is to embark on a voyage back in time as you travel in elegant Italian style to ancient Mediterranean cruise destinations such as Venice, Capri and Athens or to beautiful South Africa or South America.

MSC Sinfonia is a ship distinctive in both design and comfort, marrying the best of continental style with world-class service and attention to detail. The welcoming, professional crew aboard this elegant liner are on hand to offer round-the-clock hospitality and quality service.

Highlights of this cruise:

Venice, Italy
The city of Venice sits at the top of the Adriatic Sea in the north east corner of Italy. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city sits on 118 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon – a salt marsh. In the 12th century Venice became a city state and its location at the top of the Adriatic made it a key naval and commercial centre as well as a flourishing art centre. Modern Venice is stunning and retains the wonderful history of this unique city. It is a city of museums, galleries, piazzas, palaces, churches and more. One visit isn’t enough to see all that Venice has to offer but visitors should try and see the Basilica San Marco and San Marco Square, the Doges Palace and the Gallerie dell'Accademia which houses some of Italy’s finest art treasures.

Valletta, Malta
Valletta is a city situated on the island of Malta, which lies 60 miles south of Sicily. UNESCO World Heritage Site, here you'll find 7000 years of history living passionately in the present. You will span the millennia with an astonishing array of things to discover. Wherever you go, the island’s scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop to your holiday here. A popular vacation destination, La Valletta is crammed full of cafés, bars, restaurants and well as interesting landmarks that the whole family can enjoy. Create some truly unique holiday memories and visit Comino Island, the smallest island in the Maltese archipelago with just seven inhabitants… but numerous picturesque coves and bays. Or head out to the south-east part of the island to view the megalithic temples, which are older even than the pyramids. Gourmet passengers will enjoy the scenic harbour tour with a wine tasting session in La Valletta – surely one of the best ways to kick back and truly relax, whilst those with a thirst for adventure can join the guided jeep tour and really get out and explore the island.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Located just off the coast of Africa, Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Island archipelago. The island name literally means white (Ife) mountain (Tene) in reference to the year-round snows found on top of the country’s El Teide volcano. From its warm weather and beaches to art galleries and museums, Tenerife has a wide variety of attractions that showcase the Spanish culture present here since the late 1400’s. The mysterious pyramids of Güímar and the rugged cliffs along the shoreline make Tenerife a holiday destination characterised by beauty. Spend the day in Puerto de la Cruz and enjoy a mix of shopping and sightseeing. Take time out in the pretty botanical gardens which thrive in the island’s tropical Mediterranean climate.

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Look up Salvador da Bahia on Wikipedia and you’ll discover that this city is known as Brazil’s ‘capital of happiness’, due to its easygoing population and countless popular outdoor parties, including its street carnival. Located on the north-east coast of Brazil, Salvador is the third most populous Brazilian city, after São Paulo. As the first colonial capital of Brazil, Salvador da Bahia is one of the oldest cities in the country. Much of the population of Salvador has Black African ancestry and the city has retained its Afro-Brazilian roots making it an important centre for culture and the arts. You can experience a little of this enthralling heritage on the ‘Bahia by Night’ tour, where visitors can enjoy a show of typical Afro Bahiana music and dance. Visually, the city is stunning, with 17th- and 18th-century architecture dotted with gold-embellished churches – why not learn more about the city’s history on our historical Bahia tour?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Think Rio de Janeiro, think carnival city. Think samba rhythms, sunshine, warm hospitality, colours and a true holiday atmosphere. Rio, also known as the Cidade Maravilhosa, or ‘The Marvelous City’ is Brazil’s second largest city. Many first-time visitors to Rio will be keen to view the city’s major landmarks, such as the giant statue of Christ (Christo Redentor) which is located on top of Corcovado Mountain or Sugarloaf Mountain, a granite monolith also situated in the city. Nature lovers will be bowled over by the beauty of Tijuca Forest, which, at 32 square kilometres is the largest urban forest on the planet. Indeed, many beautiful attractions abound in Rio, not least the city’s famous beaches, from the Copacabana to the Ipanema, two of the most glorious stretches of white sand and perfect for a spot of sun lounging! If you’re hungry for a real city experience, opt for the grand tour of Rio de Janeiro (note to football fans – whatever team you support, a trip to Maracana, the largest football stadium in the world, is a must see).

Santos, Brazil
Santos, one of Portugal’s first New World settlements, was founded in 1535. Today your MSC ship will be docking in Latin America’s largest port, through which passes a large proportion of the world’s coffee, sugar and oranges. The city stands partly on São Vicente island, its docking facilities and old town facing landwards, with ships approaching by a narrow, but deep, channel. Its compact centre retains a certain charm that’s massively popular with local tourists, and there is a good deal of historical and maritime interest around the city. On an MSC South America cruise excursion to the city centre you’ll find the ruins of some of Santos’s most distinguished buildings along Rua do Comércio. Although sometimes only the facades remain, some of the nineteenth-century former merchants’ houses that line the street are gradually being restored, the elaborate tiling and wrought-iron balconies offering a hint of the old town’s lost grandeur. MSC South America cruises also offer excursions to the local Santos Futebol Clube. It’s best known as the club for which the great Pelé played for most of his professional life (from 1956 to 1974); their stadium, the Vila Belmiro, is open to the public when there’s no game on.

Itajai, Brazil
Founded by the Portuguese coming from Madeira and the Azores, the city is located on the banks of the rio Itajaí-Açú and, being an important export trade point, it is a strategic hub of Brazilian economy. Itajai is also a city full of history, as you will see by walking through its historic center, rich in traditions thanks to the old fish market, and visiting the imposing church of the Santissimo Sacramento. Brazil is renown above all for its beaches. An excursion will take you to Praia Brava, between Itajaí and Balneário Camboriú. Known for its natural beauty and the clear sea, this beach is the ideal destination for relaxation, whether you just want to sunbathe or swim between the calm waves. A little further south is Balneário Camboriú. This is one of the capitals of tourism of Santa Caterina that during summer can reach even 1 million inhabitants. Av. Brazil is a vibrant shopping street, while Atlantic Avenue runs along the beach with its sidewalk in pavê like the one in Copacabana. Here, you can stop in a bar or restaurant to admire the sea and the island of Cabras, just offshore. For nature lovers, the area around Itajai offers the Parque Unipraias Camboriu. An excursion will take you to the Barra Sul Station, where you can take the cable car to Morro de Aguada at 240 meters of height and to the Mata Atlântica station. There are various paths to take to immerse yourself in this forest and come in contact with the Brazilian flora and fauna or the youngest visitors can cross it on board a sledge. Downhill the destination is the beach of Praia das Laranjeiras, the ideal place to enjoy some free time.

Montevideo, Uruguay
Founded in 1726 as a fortress against Portuguese encroachment on the northern shore of the Río de la Plata, it had an excellent trading position and, following a turbulent and often violent early history, its growth was rapid. A shore excursion on your MSC South America cruise can be the opportunity to discover Montevideo. It may appear humble at first, but this is a seriously cool, confident city. If you’ve ever seen a fictionalized version of Havana on TV or film, it’s quite possible it was actually shot in Montevideo’s Ciudad Vieja, so reminiscent are its streets of those in the Cuban capital. Dotted among the crumbling houses and cobbled streets are endearingly bizarre (and mostly free) museums and galleries, while the highlight is the glorious Mercado del Puerto. A good place to start a walking tour of the Ciudad Vieja is the Puerta de la Ciudadela, dating to 1746, marking the original site of the Citadel of Montevideo on the Plaza Independencia. This square commemorates the emergence of Uruguay as a sovereign nation, and a 17m-high statue and mausoleum of José Artigas, the man credited with kick-starting Uruguay’s independence campaign against Spain and Portugal, stands aptly in the centre. The area around the plaza contains eclectic architectural styles from different periods, from the Torre Ejecutiva where the president performs his duties, to the bulbous tower of the Palacio Salvo, built on the reported site of the first ever performance of tango. Tucked behind the plaza’s south-western corner is the celebrated Teatro Solís, the most prestigious theatre in the country, completed in 1856 and remodelled a few times thereafter.

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