Star Flyer, Westbound Atlantic Crossing ex Las Palmas to Philpsburg

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15 Night cruise sailing from Las Palmas to Philipsburg onboard Star Flyer.

15 Night cruise sailing from Las Palmas to Philipsburg onboard Star Flyer.

Star Clipper is as fleet as the wind and as graceful as swans. This is a true clipper ship, reflecting the proud heritage in every inch of polished brass and gleaming brightwork.

Step aboard this unique vessel and discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are happily married to the comforts and amenities of the present. Star Clipper ia a modern cruise ship in every way, created for comfort-loving passengers who also love the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships. Star Clipper is 360 feet long and carries just 170 guests in pampered comfort. Life aboard is blissfully relaxed, much like travelling on a private yacht. You’ll never feel confined, as the ship offers pleasingly spacious accommodation and expansive teak decks with ample space for relaxing and play. In fact, you’ll find that the ship offers more outdoor space per passenger than most conventional cruise ships.

The décor of Star Clipper is reminiscent of the grand age of sail. Antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships please the eye, while teak and gleaming mahogany rails are richly reminiscent of Star Clipper's proud nautical heritage.

Enjoy our convivial indoor-outdoor Tropical Bar and Piano Bar, and Edwardian style library where a Belle Époque fireplace glows with a warmth that reflects the friendliness and enthusiasm of Star Clipper’s hospitable officers and crew.

Highlights of this Cruise:

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands - Spain
This 15th-century city with a semitropical colonial ambience is a favorite stopping place for yachts crossing the Atlantic. Visit the Casa Colon, named for the great explorer, and do some exploring of your own by adventuring to the volcanic crater of Caldera de Bandama. Its lunar landscape and exotic vegetation take you to a new world.

San Sebastian - La Gomera - Spain
San Sebastian is the capital of La Gomera in the Canary Islands. The town is known for it's historic past, especially as there is evidence that Christopher Colombus spent time on the island. It was his last point of departure before his discovery of America. The Torre del Conde, a medieval fortress and the oldest building preserved in the Islands, the church of Our Virgin of the Assumption, a museum of religious art works from the sixteenth to the nineteenth, the Chapel of St. Sebastian, built around 1530 are worth a visit.

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