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7 Night Cruise sailing from Freeport to Jacksonville aboard Victory I. Hotel stay pre-cruise in Freeport.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Freeport to Jacksonville aboard Victory I. Hotel stay pre-cruise in Freeport.

From the historic South to pristine beaches, a voyage from the Southeast coast to The Bahamas delivers just the right balance of excitement and relaxation. Charleston and Savannah offer a glimpse into coastal Southern living and architecture, while the islands of The Bahamas feature a tropical oasis just 50 miles from the U.S. coastline. On these incredible voyages, you will be able to enjoy included excursions that highlight each destination. Perhaps you have a specific interest that can be best served on a thoughtfully crafted premium experience.

Day 1 Freeport, Grand Bahama
Enjoy a complimentary stay at the pre-cruise hotel. The evening allows time to become acquainted with the city.

Day 2 Freeport, Grand Bahama
(Embark) - Rainbow-laden waterfalls and underwater caves beg travelers to embrace a childlike wonder of the world. Wander through beachfronts dewed with tidal pools and sand ripples as polychromatic fowl fly overhead. Dive into cool water to explore the mind-blowing communities of coral reefs under the surface.

Day 3 Port Canaveral, Florida
Stand on the shore, and watch maritime traffic slowly drift into the second-busiest port in the world. Diversity abounds due to the cascade of ocean travelers, but relaxation and intimacy are everpresent. This port has a long-standing romance with the outdoors, and will introduce you to the natural world at its best. Bury your feet in the warm sand, or take a stroll down the Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier to encounter friendly dolphins and lackadaisical turtles. Catch a glimpse of beachside serenity in Port Canaveral.

Day 4 Fernandina Beach, Florida
This Victorian-style seaport is the stomping ground of adventuresome legends. It tells tales of bootleggers and pirates, shrimpers and seamen. Downtown is an enchanting village that flaunts its historic district in rich, lovingly preserved architecture. This neighborhood boasts seafaring characters of all walks who continuously compose sagas of the sea. Eclectic shops, enchanting eateries and a welcoming atmosphere ensure that adventure here is unending.

Day 5 Charleston, South Carolina
Along the southern seaboard of South Carolina rests Charleston, boasting a unique blend of casual and sophisticated in the ever-present beauty of its blooming culture. History reveals its timelessness in landmarks and waterways, cobblestone streets and vibrant beachfronts. The classic elegance and unforgettable panorama of architecture enrich the soul to create a profuse sensory adventure. This charming port features a maze of recreation ripe for travelers to navigate.

Day 6 Beaufort, South Carolina
Beaufort blends Lowcountry lifestyle with coastal sightlines to craft a unique atmosphere. Antebellum architecture still stands, and reminds locals to embrace the Southern hospitality that their community was built upon. Unending beachsides absorb warmhearted sun rays, and invite travelers to do the same. The tapestry of culture here holds strong with the friendly mixture of characters that bind it together. Allow it to envelop you and enhance your quest through the town.

Day 7 Brunswick, Georgia
In the anchor town serving the barrier Golden Isles, wander downtown Brunswick’s charming streets, lined with colorful Victorian architecture and swaying palms side by side with mossy oaks. Watch shrimp boats unload their fresh fare at the docks, and sample their catches in a rustic seafood shack or an upscale gastropub. Across the Marshes of Glynn, “heavenly woods and glades” memorialized by poet Sidney Lanier grace unspoiled, unhurried St. Simons Island.

Day 8 Savannah, Georgia
Meet Savannah – famous for its town squares, Spanish moss and the filming of “Forrest Gump.” The city embodies its nickname, Slo-vannah, and invites visitors to laze in its easygoing lifestyle. A stroll through one of the city’s squares provides the proper backdrop for a renaissance of emotion, and the collaborative efforts of its architectural artisans have inspired a Southern-gothic aesthetic different from that of any other place. This pedestrian-friendly city is where the little things – breweries and mustard-based barbecue, live oaks and lighthouses – come together to create a mighty experience.

Day 9 Disembark: Jacksonville, Florida
As the journey concludes, enjoy the city at your leisure.

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