Disney Wonder, Very Merry Eastbound Panama Canal ex San Diego to Galveston

Panama & Central America


14 Night Cruise sailing from San Diego to Galveston onboard Disney Wonder.

14 Night Cruise sailing from San Diego to Galveston onboard Disney Wonder.

Your cruise ship brims with relaxing and fun-filled features for all—including multiple pools, creative waterslides, an adult-only whirlpool spa, live shows and inventive dining experiences. Cap off this whirlwind tropical tour with a day-long sojourn to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island retreat.

Highlights of this cruise:

San Diego
Sunshine and surf color this breezy, Southern California city.
Considering its shared border with Mexico, San Diego’s culture is heavily influenced by Mexico. Latin-inspired architecture can be found throughout the city and the diversity of the population is reflected in the variety of ethnic cuisines and restaurants that line the streets. World-class museums, theatre, dance, music and art attract adoring patrons to the city, along with the natural beauty of San Diego’s beaches, coves, parks and caves.

Cabo San Lucas
Located at the southern tip of the 1,000-mile long Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas boasts a landscape dotted with prickly cacti and dramatic rock formations bordered by white-sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. Its gorgeous scenery and mild desert-like climate make this city a natural destination on a Disney Cruise Line itinerary. Cabo San Lucas is famous for sports fishing, earning a reputation as the billfish capital of the world and plays host to a gala of marlin-fishing tournaments every year. "Cabo," as they call it, is also fast becoming a golf mecca, home to some half dozen world-class championship golf courses. It's a haven for outdoor sports, fancy resorts and restaurants as well as a busy nightlife, yet Cabo still remains a charming, small city with miles of beaches and scenic trails for those who seek a more relaxed pace.

Puerto Vallarta
Located on the Pacific-Coast side of Mexico in the state of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta is nestled on a 28-mile curve of the Banderas Bay and bordered by the Sierra Madre Mountains. This beautiful seaside city enjoys old Mexico charm and international popularity, as well as a place on a Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera vacation itinerary.

Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is an international water passage between North and South America that stretches approximately 48 miles long. This ship canal passes through the Isthmus of Panama, allowing sea voyagers to save precious travel time and resources. A masterful feat of engineering, this legendary waterway is revered as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. The canal is not a natural wonder—it’s a man-made triumph involving a series of lifts and lock gates made to raise ships and transport them through the waterway. As international trade and shipping began to increase in popularity, the geological convenience of Panama’s close proximity to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans made it an attractive territory as a maritime trading route. In the late 70s, a treaty was established that defined the Panama Canal as a neutral passageway for all, assuring safe passage to all vessels.

New in 2013—Disney Cruise Line goes to Cartagena, Colombia! With its cobblestone streets, historic architecture and vibrant markets, this charming South American port city beckons you to relax and unwind. Founded in 1533 by Spanish explorers, this destination is rich in history and was once popular amongst pirates and plunderers. Today, beautifully refurbished dungeons and fortresses have been transformed into shops and museums—and allude to the city's storied past. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, the city's largest fortress, is just one of the spectacular sights that await you in Cartagena. Throughout the city, additional historic attractions await, along with outstanding shopping and sumptuous dining experiences.

George Town, Grand Cayman
Living up to its name, the majestic Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands. The limestone Cayman Islands are actually the top land masses of a giant underwater mountain range. The majority of the islanders live in Grand Cayman—and they are a lively bunch! The festive spirit of the area attracts tourists from all over with the allure of exotic marine life, warm waters, sun-drenched beaches and delicious cuisine.

Cozumel, Mexico is an invigorating port of call on a Disney Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise vacation. An island and a city off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is known for some of the world's healthiest coral reefs and rarest natural recreation. This island in the Caribbean Sea is an extremely popular destination for scuba-diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

One of the oldest ports on the gulf coast, the city is located around 50 miles south of Houston, Texas. The city takes up most of Galveston Island, which is approximately 27 miles long and 3 miles at its widest point. With the second busiest port in America, Galveston has been coined the "Queen of the Gulf." Seafood lovers will covet the oyster and shrimp culinary specialties of this island with over 30 miles of sandy beaches. Keep your eyes on the water! Bottlenose dolphin sightings are quite common in Galveston Bay. A strong sense of community is shared by the locals who take pride in their town and cultural festivities. Galveston is home to an impressively large collection of 19th-century buildings and the city is awash with restored homes from the Victorian era, in addition to nature parks and colorful oleanders.

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