Caribbean, A Caribbean West/East Adventure ex Ft Lauderdale Return



14 Night cruise sailing roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale onboard Caribbean Princess.

14 Night cruise sailing roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale onboard Caribbean Princess.

Exciting adventures await aboard Caribbean Princess, as she sets sail with a multi-million-dollar array of luxurious enhancements. From staterooms that offer a more restful sleep, to endless tempting new dining options, fresh experiences for kids and teens, plus other upgrades, you’ll find Caribbean Princess herself has come back new.

Highlights of this cruise:

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
According to the popular 1960 beach movie, Fort Lauderdale is "where the boys are." The city's reputation as America's Spring Break capital, however, has been replaced with the more favorable image of a prime family tourist destination, attracting more than 10 million visitors annually. The most popular beach resort in Florida is even more rightly famed as the "Yachting Capital of the World," with more than 40,000 registered crafts calling its waters home. The city also prides itself on being the "Venice of America" with more than 300 miles of navigable waterways. Fort Lauderdale boasts world-class theaters, museums, sightseeing, and shopping.

The city sits 24 miles north of Miami and is named after a series of forts built by the United States during the second Seminole War. The forts took their name from Major William Lauderdale, who was the commander of the detachment of soldiers who built the first fort. Look hard and you might find remnants of three of them today. More people seem to be interested in taking a water tour aboard the "Carrie B."

Princess Cays, Bahamas
Join us at our exclusive port of call, Princess Cays, where you'll enjoy a private beach party on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. One hundred miles long and only two miles wide, Eleuthera offers unspoiled beaches. Our private resort at Princess Cays is situated on more than 40 acres and features over a half-mile of white-sand shoreline, all at the southern tip of the island. The resort boasts outstanding amenities while carefully preserving this natural paradise. Take in the views from the observation tower. Enjoy a complimentary beach barbecue. Sip a cool drink or browse the shops and the local craft market. All of Princess Cays' facilities are linked by walkways. Recreational activities abound. Enjoy volleyball and a full range of water sports, or simply relax on the beach.

Note: Snorkel equipment, sea boards, floats, kayaks, paddle wheelers, the banana boat rides, aqua chairs, beach clamshells, bungalows, etc. can be pre-reserved. Please be advised that all tours and activities at Princess Cays, including equipment rentals and water sports, are sold on a NO-REFUND basis after closing time for cancellation. Please see the posted time on the Tour Order Forms onboard.

In ports where guests utilize tender boats to go ashore, Princess staff will make every effort to assist but are not allowed to individually physically lift more than 50 lbs. (22kg). Guests requiring physical assistance must travel with an able-bodied companion. With your safety and comfort in mind, the final decision to permit or prohibit passengers from going ashore will be made on each occasion by the ship's Captain.

Falmouth, Jamaica
Falmouth is the chief town and capital of the parish of Trelawny in Jamaica. It is situated on Jamaica's north coast 18 miles east of Montego Bay. It is noted for being one of the Caribbean's best-preserved Georgian towns. Founded by Thomas Reid in 1769, Falmouth flourished as a market centre and port for forty years at a time when Jamaica was the world's leading sugar producer. It was named after Falmouth, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of Sir William Trelawny, the Governor of Jamaica, who was instrumental in its establishment. The town was meticulously planned from the start, with wide streets in a regular grid, adequate water supply, and public buildings. It even had piped water before New York City.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
When Columbus made his landfall in the Caymans in 1503, he found tortoises and sea turtles in such profusion that he promptly named the islands Las Tortugas. But the name that stuck for the islands was the Carib word "Caimanas." Fitting, since the caiman is a New World crocodilian and the islands were long the lair of pirates, buccaneers, and assorted freebooters. Despite their past, the Caymans are a Caribbean demi-paradise of white-sand beaches, coral gardens, and offshore waters harboring spectacular shipwrecks. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman also boast the highest standard of living in the entire Caribbean. This union of natural beauty and cosmopolitan style makes Grand Cayman a spectacular port of call for today's adventurers. Note: Grand Cayman is an anchorage port. Passengers transfer to shore via ship's tender. In certain sea conditions, an alternate pier is used to transfer passengers ashore. This may cause tour durations to vary.

Cozumel, Mexico
Mayan myth claims that Cozumel was home to the gods. Truly Cozumel is a place fit for the gods, with its dazzling white-sand beaches, ruined Mayan temples, exotic jungle wildlife, and crystalline waters teeming with tropical fish. Just offshore lay Palancar Reef, considered one of the most spectacular coral formations in all the Caribbean. Of course, the gods weren't the only individuals attracted to this terrestrial paradise: during its long and colorful history, Cozumel has been home to pirates, buccaneers, and freebooters, including Sir Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte. Today's traveler will discover the same ravishing beauty and relaxation that entertained gods and pirates alike.

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
The US Virgin Islands are America's paradise, offering an easygoing blend of island ways and American practicality. St. Thomas, capital of the island group, offers every imaginable sport: snorkeling, golfing, hiking, and sailing. Just a few miles away lay St. John and Virgin Islands National Park. Stunning mountain scenery, crystalline waters, and white-sand beaches with palms swaying in the breeze - the US Virgin Islands are truly a slice of paradise. The harbor is easily one of the Caribbean's most scenic. The United States purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million in gold. St. Thomas has a reputation as a duty free-mecca for shopping.

St Maarten, US Virgin Islands
St. Maarten offers a delightful case of split personality. Legend has it that a Frenchman and a Dutchman divided ownership of the island through a walk-off: Standing back to back, the two headed in opposite directions, walking around the island until they met. Perhaps the Dutchman paused for a refreshing brew. At any rate, the French ended up claiming 21 square miles of the island to 16 square miles for the Dutch. This lively tale says much about St. Maarten's easygoing ways. No formal boundary exists between the Dutch and French sides of the island; a simple welcome sign tells you when you cross from one country to the other. But the differences are as noticeable as the spelling of the island's name. The French spell it St. Martin. And it's this split personality that lends so much to the island's charms, including an international reputation for the finest cuisine in the Caribbean.

Pricing (per person)

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Quad Triple Twin Single

IF - Interior

AU$ 1,834 AU$ 2,026 AU$ 2,410 AU$ 4,430

IE - Interior

Request AU$ 2,050 AU$ 2,446 AU$ 4,501

ID - Interior

AU$ 1,873 AU$ 2,077 AU$ 2,487 AU$ 4,582

IC - Interior

AU$ 1,894 AU$ 2,105 AU$ 2,529 AU$ 4,666

IB - Interior

AU$ 1,914 AU$ 2,132 AU$ 2,569 AU$ 4,747

IA - Interior

Request AU$ 2,160 AU$ 2,611 AU$ 4,831

OZ - Oceanview Obstructed

Request AU$ 2,191 AU$ 2,658 AU$ 4,924

OY - Oceanview Obstructed

Request Request AU$ 2,681 AU$ 4,971

OW - Oceanview Obstructed

Request AU$ 2,223 AU$ 2,706 AU$ 5,020

OV - Oceanview Obstructed

AU$ 1,994 AU$ 2,239 AU$ 2,730 AU$ 5,069

OF - Oceanview

Request AU$ 2,393 AU$ 2,960 AU$ 5,530

OC - Oceanview

AU$ 2,168 AU$ 2,471 AU$ 3,077 AU$ 5,762

BF - Balcony

Request Request AU$ 3,390 AU$ 6,390

BE - Balcony

Request Request AU$ 3,467 AU$ 6,542

BD - Balcony

AU$ 2,691 AU$ 2,975 AU$ 3,544 AU$ 6,696

BC - Balcony

Request AU$ 3,027 AU$ 3,621 AU$ 6,850

BB - Balcony

Request AU$ 3,079 AU$ 3,699 AU$ 7,006

BA - Balcony

AU$ 2,807 AU$ 3,130 AU$ 3,776 AU$ 7,160

B2 - Premium Balcony

Request AU$ 3,233 AU$ 3,930 AU$ 7,468

B4 - Premium Balcony

Request AU$ 3,233 AU$ 3,930 AU$ 7,468

B1 - Premium Balcony

Request AU$ 3,283 AU$ 4,006 AU$ 7,621

ME - Mini Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 3,319 AU$ 4,060 AU$ 7,730

MD - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 3,028 AU$ 3,424 AU$ 4,217 AU$ 8,042

MB - Mini Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 3,635 AU$ 4,534 AU$ 8,677

M1 - Suite

Request AU$ 3,983 AU$ 5,056 AU$ 9,721

S6 - Vista Suite

Request AU$ 5,826 AU$ 7,530 AU$ 14,670

S4 - Penthouse Suite

Request AU$ 6,963 AU$ 9,236 AU$ 18,082

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