Coral, Andes & Cape Horn Grand Adventure ex Los Angeles to Buenos Aires

South America


33 Night Cruise sailing from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires aboard Coral Princess.

33 Night Cruise sailing from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires aboard Coral Princess.

Coral Princess is a luxurious way to escape completely, with all the amenities for an amazing cruise. She features an innovative power generation technology -- a combination of diesel engines and gas turbines - and will offer 90% outside staterooms, most with private balconies. You won't miss a view, whether relaxing in your cabin or enjoying the breeze on deck. You'll also enjoy an impressive choice of dining options, including two main dining venues, Sabatini's Italian Trattoria and the Bayou Cafe, the New Orleans style restaurant at sea. Then there's the handsome cigar lounge and retro martini bar.

Highlights of this cruise:

Los Angeles
The City of Angels always hovers between dream and reality. Once a near-forgotten colonial outpost, the pueblo metamorphosed into an agrarian paradise before reinventing itself as a movie colony. Perhaps no other city owes so much to the technological innovations of the 20th century, from the automobile to the airplane. Little wonder that LA is oft described as the "dream machine." In LA, reinvention is a way of life. Yet this talent for change has created a city with a rich ethnic diversity and a sizzling culture. LA is the source for trends that migrate across the country and then the world. Where else can you enjoy a Thai taco or munch on a kosher burrito? Or travel from downtown's high rises to the beaches of Malibu, shopping in Beverly Hills along the way?

The breezy, seaside city of Manta is the second largest port in Ecuador and possesses one of the world's most varied terrains. To the west of Manta lie the Galapagos Islands. To the east rises the great rampart of the Andes. The Mantas were known for their traditional balsa rafts in the coastal waters and their ceramics and pottery. A huge tuna statue greets you on its shores, a whimsical nod to the tuna capital of the world. Fresh seafood is always on the menu, and a stroll along the promenade lets you take in the beach scene. The bustling center of town, an easy walk from port, displays a lively marketplace selling Panama hats, silver jewelry and apparel. There is lush green parkland; the nearby colonial town of Montecristi, the center of the Panama hat industry; and the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge, home to indigenous flora and fauna and cheeky howler monkeys. Explore the rich culture, heritage and people of Manta during scenic adventures that take in the Archaeological Museum, which highlights a small, well-curated collection of ceramics of the Manteño-Huancavilca culture that flourished here between 800 and 1550 A.D. Whether you explore its past or its vibrant city of today, a day in Manta is a rich and colorful experience.

In 1535, Francisco Pizarro labeled the open plains where Lima now stands as inhospitable. Despite the verdict of the great conquistador, Lima became the center of imperial Spanish power, a "City of Kings" where 40 viceroys would rule as the direct representatives of the King of Spain. With independence in 1821, Lima became Peru's capital. Near Lima, one of the world's most desolate deserts is home to the famed drawings of Nazca. These drawings inspired Erik von Daniken's best-selling book "Chariots of the Gods." With mysteries seeming to be part of Peru's history, perhaps these "drawings" are in fact "the largest astronomy book in the world."

Port Stanley
Capital of the Falklands since 1845, tiny Stanley lies on the windswept tip of East Falkland Island. The Falklands long served as a way station for ships, particularly whalers, bound to and from Cape Horn. The islands' rigorous environment is immediately apparent: Stanley Harbor is dotted with the hulks of vessels that succumbed to the fierce winds and waves of the South Atlantic. While their strategic location led to important roles in both World Wars, the islands are best remembered as the cause of the 1982 war between Argentina and the United Kingdom. Today, travelers increasingly journey to the islands to view their rich assortment of bird and marine life.

Colorful houses occupy the low rolling moorland bordering Stanley Harbor. Stanley's climate resembles London's - cool and rainy though summer visitors are often blessed with clear, sunny skies.

Nestled between the continent's two giants, Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America. More than half of the nation's population of three million reside in the capital of Montevideo, located at Uruguay's southernmost point on the Rio de la Plata. Although small in size, Uruguay has proven to be big-hearted - the country is one of the most literate nations in the world while Montevideo is one of South America's most interesting and cosmopolitan capitals.

Montevideo is a charming city made up of 19th-century Beaux Arts buildings, parks, and historical monuments.

Buenos Aires
Founded in the early 16th century, Buenos Aires was transformed from a colonial port into a cosmopolitan metropolis - the "Paris of the South" - by the cattle boom of the 1880s. As in the American West, boom was followed by bust. But that did not stop Buenos Aires from becoming the city it is today. With its air of haunted grandeur, Buenos Aires is a place of icy intellect and smoldering passion. It is a city where the elegant Colon Theater, one of the world's great opera houses, stands in counterpoint to the working class barrios that gave birth to the tango. Perhaps the city's enigmas and contradictions are best embodied by its two most famous citizens - the reclusive librarian and literary genius Jorge Luis Borges and the showgirl turned First Lady, Evita Peron.

The "Paris of the South" flaunts its European heritage. One of the pleasures of Buenos Aires is simply absorbing its charm and flavor, from Parisian-style confiterias - cafés - to the city's popular tango clubs.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (26)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IE - Interior

AU$ 4,726 AU$ 5,123 AU$ 5,918 AU$ 10,822

IF - Interior

AU$ 4,726 AU$ 5,123 AU$ 5,918 AU$ 10,822

ID - Interior

AU$ 4,756 AU$ 5,163 AU$ 5,978 AU$ 10,942

IC - Interior

Request Request AU$ 6,038 AU$ 11,062

IB - Interior

AU$ 4,826 AU$ 5,257 AU$ 6,118 AU$ 11,222

IA - Interior

AU$ 4,851 AU$ 5,290 AU$ 6,168 AU$ 11,322

OY - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

AU$ 4,946 AU$ 5,417 AU$ 6,358 AU$ 11,702

OW - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

AU$ 4,991 AU$ 5,477 AU$ 6,448 AU$ 11,882

OV - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

AU$ 5,036 AU$ 5,537 AU$ 6,538 AU$ 12,062

OE - Oceanview

AU$ 5,076 AU$ 5,590 AU$ 6,618 AU$ 12,222

OC - Oceanview

AU$ 5,206 AU$ 5,763 AU$ 6,878 AU$ 12,742

OB - Oceanview

AU$ 5,276 AU$ 5,857 AU$ 7,018 AU$ 13,022

O6 - Outside

Request Request AU$ 7,318 AU$ 13,622

O5 - Outside

Request Request AU$ 7,448 AU$ 13,882

BF - Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 5,846 AU$ 6,570 AU$ 8,018 AU$ 15,022

BE - Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 5,946 AU$ 6,703 AU$ 8,218 AU$ 15,422

BD - Oceanview with Balcony

Request Request AU$ 8,418 AU$ 15,822

BC - Balcony

Request Request AU$ 8,628 AU$ 16,242

BB - Balcony

AU$ 6,251 AU$ 7,110 AU$ 8,828 AU$ 16,642

BA - Oceanview with Balcony

Request Request AU$ 9,028 AU$ 17,042

B2 - Balcony

AU$ 6,556 AU$ 7,517 AU$ 9,438 AU$ 17,862

B1 - Balcony

Request Request AU$ 9,638 AU$ 18,262

MD - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 7,051 AU$ 8,177 AU$ 10,428 AU$ 19,842

MB - Mini Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 8,583 AU$ 11,038 AU$ 21,062

M1 - Suite

Request AU$ 9,417 AU$ 12,288 AU$ 23,562

S6 - Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 13,850 AU$ 16,418 AU$ 31,822

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