Sapphire, Southern Australia Explorer ex Melbourne Roundtrip



7 Night Cruise sailing from Melbourne roundtrip aboard Sapphire Princess.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Melbourne roundtrip aboard Sapphire Princess.

As you set your sights on the wonders of the world, let Sapphire Princess indulge your every whim. Over 700 balconies, world-class gourmet dining and dazzling entertainment options are just the beginning of your sea-going adventure. Dance the night away, enjoy casino gaming or relax and rejuvenate body and mind at the Lotus Spa®.

Highlights of this cruise:

Victoria may be Australia's smallest continental state, but Melbourne, its capital, is big on everything. With a population of 4.25 million people living in 59 separately named communities within 715 square miles, Melbourne is a sprawling city offering culture, art, fashion and friendly, sports-minded Australians. It is also an easy city to explore. At the heart of the city is the Golden Mile, the city's governmental and commercial center, home to hotels, shops, restaurants and theaters.

Originally part of New South Wales, Victoria became a colony in its own right in 1851. The discovery of gold propelled Melbourne's growth to prominence and prosperity.

Travel Tip: Melbourne is pronounced "mell-burn."

Founded in 1836, this graceful city lies nestled on the coastal plain between Gulf St. Vincent and the Adelaide Hills. Adelaide was the vision of Colonel William Light, Australia's Surveyor General, who created a one-mile-square grid for the city's center and surrounded it with a belt of stunning parkland. Today, Adelaide is a metropolis of over one million people, boasting wide, tree-lined boulevards, superb Victorian and Edwardian architecture, tranquil parks, world-class shopping, and the highest number of restaurants per capita of any city in Australia.

Beyond the city and the rugged Adelaide Hills lie the Barossa and Eden Valleys. Here Australian vintners are winning international acclaim for their Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz.

Port Lincoln
Port Lincoln, the "Seafood Capital of Australia" With its population of 14,500 Port Lincoln is a major commercial centre for the Eyre Peninsula and a popular destination for visitors. Not only a beautiful township overlooking Boston Bay, Port Lincoln makes an ideal base from where to explore the coast and experience Eyre Peninsula first hand. The shopping is extensive, offering everything from supermarkets and department stores to a myriad of specialty stores. Galleries and quality art and craft outlets with local products and souvenirs will add to your holiday experience.
Make you holiday memorable by participating in one of our exciting tours and attractions on offer in and around Port Lincoln and Eyre Peninsula. For the adventurous, go Shark Cage Diving or Swim with the Australian Sea Lions. Or just stay on land and visit our local wildlife Fauna Park.

Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island boasts the kind of beauty that will stop you in your tracks. Over half the island is covered with "old-growth" bush land supporting huge populations of kangaroo, koala, goana, wallaby and other native Australian animals. Blessed by vast, open spaces and loads of sun, the "Islanders" raise sheep, create and cellar wines, produce sheep's milk cheese, distill eucalyptus oil, and harvest the honey of the treasured Ligurian Bee. And there is a thriving art community producing internationally-renowned artwork, woolen items, and crafts. The quintessential seaside town of Penneshaw, where cruise ships dock and ferries come and go, is your gateway to it all.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (31)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IF - Cat Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,124 AU$ 1,232 AU$ 1,448 AU$ 2,687

IE - Cat Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,134 AU$ 1,245 AU$ 1,468 AU$ 2,727

ID - Cat Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,144 AU$ 1,259 AU$ 1,488 AU$ 2,767

OZ - Cat Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 1,149 AU$ 1,265 AU$ 1,498 AU$ 2,787

IC - Cat Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,154 AU$ 1,272 AU$ 1,508 AU$ 2,807

OY - Cat Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 1,159 AU$ 1,279 AU$ 1,518 AU$ 2,827

IB - Cat Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,164 AU$ 1,285 AU$ 1,528 AU$ 2,847

OW - Cat Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 1,169 AU$ 1,292 AU$ 1,538 AU$ 2,867

IA - Cat Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,174 AU$ 1,299 AU$ 1,548 AU$ 2,887

OV - Cat Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 1,179 AU$ 1,305 AU$ 1,558 AU$ 2,907

OF - Cat Oceanview Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,748 AU$ 3,287

OC - Cat Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 1,319 AU$ 1,492 AU$ 1,838 AU$ 3,467

O5 - Cat Premium Oceanview Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,928 AU$ 3,647

BF - Cat Balcony Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,998 AU$ 3,787

BE - Cat Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,419 AU$ 1,625 AU$ 2,038 AU$ 3,867

BD - Cat Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,439 AU$ 1,652 AU$ 2,078 AU$ 3,947

BC - Cat Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,459 AU$ 1,679 AU$ 2,118 AU$ 4,027

BB - Cat Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,479 AU$ 1,705 AU$ 2,158 AU$ 4,107

BA - Cat Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,499 AU$ 1,732 AU$ 2,198 AU$ 4,187

B2 - Cat Premium Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,539 AU$ 1,785 AU$ 2,278 AU$ 4,347

B4 - Cat Premium Balcony Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 2,278 AU$ 4,347

ME - Cat Mini Suite

AU$ 1,549 AU$ 1,799 AU$ 2,298 AU$ 4,387

MD - Cat Mini Suite

AU$ 1,574 AU$ 1,832 AU$ 2,348 AU$ 4,487

MB - Cat Mini Suite

AU$ 1,624 AU$ 1,899 AU$ 2,448 AU$ 4,687

M1 - Cat Club Class Mini Suite

AU$ 1,749 AU$ 2,065 AU$ 2,698 AU$ 5,187

S6 - Cat Vista Suite

Request AU$ 2,877 AU$ 3,398 AU$ 6,587

S5 - Cat Premium Suite

Request AU$ 3,018 AU$ 3,548 AU$ 6,887

S4 - Cat Penthouse Suite

Request AU$ 3,281 AU$ 3,848 AU$ 7,487

S3 - Cat Penthouse Suite

Request AU$ 3,543 AU$ 4,148 AU$ 8,087

S2 - Cat Owners Suite

AU$ 3,622 AU$ 3,948 AU$ 4,598 AU$ 8,987

S1 - Cat Grand Suite

AU$ 4,353 AU$ 4,735 AU$ 5,498 AU$ 10,787

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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