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14 Night cruise sailing from Barcelona to Copenhagen onboard Costa Fascinosa.

14 Night cruise sailing from Barcelona to Copenhagen onboard Costa Fascinosa.

A large ship to be experienced. Costa Fascinosa is perfect for an informal vacation, full of fun. Features modern and multi-faceted artworks.

Highlights of this cruise:

Barcelona's nightlife: among the "ramblas" we will discover great food and beer, but we are always under the watchful eye of Gaudi, who captured and expressed the soul of Barcelona in his architecture.
The city is home to an innovative contemporary art museum, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Camp Nou. Also, after visiting these popular destinations, you can discover the Catalan culture. During our stop in Barcelona, take a walk down La Rambla before visiting the Picasso Museum. In the city, you can see memorable architecture everywhere. Before leaving pay a visit to the neighborhood in the port of Barcelona. Completely renovated for the Olympic Games in 1992, it has become a place filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Genoa is a city of mysterious charm made famous by its maritime exploits but now dedicated above all to matters on land. It is known throughout the world for its culinary specialities and its famous sons such as Christopher Columbus.

A pleasant thing to do is simply sit down at one of the cafes overlooking the port of Marseilles and, sipping a Pastis, observe the landscape and the people who inhabit it.
Also called the "Porpoise City ", Marseille is France’s sunniest town, charming with its gullies where you can swim, its history and culture and restaurants with cosmopolitan cuisine. You cannot leave without having first toured on the “Cours Julien”, the street for shopping. The port of Marseille is perhaps a typical tourist destination, but it deserves to be visited for the ferry that leaves from the Town Hall and the old church, which replaced a Templar building.

This is the place to dock for a visit to one of the holy sites of Christianity: Santiago de Compostela, with its mystical atmosphere and magnificent cathedral.

Le Havre
In this lively Channel port there are prestigious cultural events in store, and a stone's throw away, on the Seine estuary, is a spectacular nature park.

Even though the country's principal port is Rotterdam and the administrative centre the Hague, Amsterdam is the real capital of the Netherlands, boasting a million-strong population and a never-ending flow of tourists.

Fronting the sea, Aarhus is undoubtedly the true cultural capital of Denmark. It has been dubbed “the smallest great city in the world”, on account of its limited size. A real cultural paradise, it sparkles with life and joie-de-vivre.

The city of the Little Mermaid is the capital of the oldest kingdom in the world. Its busy port demonstrates the efficiency and industriousness of the Danish people.

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