Silhouette, The Norwegian Fjords ex Southampton Return

EU Norwegian Fjords


7 Night Cruise sailing from Southampton roundtrip aboard Celebrity Silhouette.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Southampton roundtrip aboard Celebrity Silhouette.

The Celebrity Silhouette® is impressive, with chic upgrades to the iconic Lawn Club we've provided more space to relax, and socialize in the fresh sea air, plus the Lawn Club Grill offers an interactive outdoor grilling experience. After a day of adventure unwind in your own cabana-styled haven at The Alcoves. 85% of the ship's luxurious staterooms are enhanced by sweeping veranda views. We've created an extraordinary vacation experience. Again.

Highlights of this cruise:

Southampton, England
Southampton is a bustling port city bursting with history, as well as shopping opportunities, great restaurants, and superb pubs. Located on England’s southern coast, the area has a deep connection with WWII, having been used as a staging area for the attack on D-Day. It’s also well-known to be the home port of the Queen Mary 2. Today, the city is largely defined by its universities and retail shopping. The real sightseeing, however, happens when you use this port as a jumping off point for attractions found outside, yet relatively close to the city. For instance, London is but a little over an hour away by train. You can also take a ferry to the Isle of Wight, an English holiday favorite with 25 miles of coastline, sand dunes and dramatic white cliffs. While on your Southampton cruise you can also visit the nearby, quaint town of Windsor where you can visit the many boutiques of High Street or enjoy a tour of historic Windsor Castle.

Bergen, Norway
Bergen is a former Viking stronghold girded by deep fjords, towering mountains and sweeping glaciers. Visit Bryggen Wharf, where you can strike a bargain in one of the many artisans' workshops, or visit the famous Fish Market for a real treat. Bergen specialties include fish soup, cured salmon, herring, shrimp, and venison. Be sure to try the “skillingsbolle”, a sinfully good cinnamon roll while on your Bergen cruise. This city located on the southwest coast of Norway is straight out of storybook. At the center of its allure is the old wharf town of Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where winding cobblestone alleys transport you back through 400 years of Hanseatic domination. Indeed, the Middle Ages lurk around every bend of this wonderfully preserved Norwegian treasure, and yet it’s also alive with a youthful exuberance evident in eclectic coffee houses, sensational art galleries and a burgeoning local music scene. Perhaps, the best way to take it all in is by hopping aboard the city’s funicular and climbing some 1,000 feet above sea level. As sweeping views of the city, the surrounding mountains and glistening fjords envelop you; it’s impossible not to marvel at the beauty of Bergen.

Geiranger, Norway
Geiranger is remote even by Norwegian standards, with a rugged beauty that will leave you breathless. Winding your way through the Geiranger Fjord feels like the entrance to a secret world, protected by massive, snow-capped mountains on either side. On your Geiranger cruise you can also take a side trip to Ørnesvingen or Flydalsjuvet to gaze upon this magnificence. Superlatives simply fall short when trying to describe the epic beauty of Geiranger. Your welcoming committee is comprised of the sheer walls, snow-capped peaks, cascading waterfalls and emerald-green channels of Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage landmark. At its head, lies a charming village that plays host to outdoor enthusiasts and nature-minded tourists from all over the world. Its Norwegian charms are certainly captivating with plenty of lovely shops for souvenirs and restaurants offering up fresh salmon, lake trout, and local favorites like goat meat, reindeer, and specialty sausages. It’s undeniably clear that here nature herself is the superstar. Whether it’s standing before the cascades of the Seven Sisters waterfalls or climbing to one of the scenic overlooks, Geiranger is a jaw-dropping panoramic adventure.

Flam, Norway
The town of Flam, Norway is nestled in a tributary of the world's longest and deepest fjord. Surrounded by steep mountainsides, roaring waterfalls, and deep valleys, you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind encounter with nature on your Flam cruise. This quaint Norway town is a place of extremes. The epic majesty of Flam’s dense green mountains dwarfs even the grandest of cruise ships, and the glass-calm water that surrounds the town woos adventurers from near and far. This is place where you can’t help but feel closer to nature for no other reason that it overwhelms at every turn. Climb aboard the Flam Railway for the world’s steepest train ride and rumble 2,800 feet up the wilds of Norway. Kayak through the calm waters of the Aurlandsfjord for breathtaking views of mountain farms with grazing goats or sheep perched at the fjord’s edge. You’ll find many restaurants and cafes offering local Norwegian fare made with farm-fresh ingredients. And you can sample the famous brown and white goat cheese in nearby Undredal. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or taking a dizzying train ride into the mountains, Flam is a Norwegian wonderland that’s meant to be explored.

Stavanger, Norway
Whether you prefer outdoor adventure or ancient history, a Stavanger cruise offers a wide array of treasures to discover. Its charming streets climb from the waterfront and are dotted with timber homes painted in wonderfully vibrant colors. The city is a mix of old and new, charming and stylish with an eclectic collection of merchant shops, cafes and historic museums and churches. The Stavanger Cathedral is the country's oldest cathedral, having been built between 1100 and 1125. An easy day hike on Pulpit Rock, the cliff rising over 1800 feet above the sea, offers gorgeous views of the Lysefjord and the surrounding lush terrain. Dining options in the area include outstanding fish and mussels, with French American, Japanese, and Indian influences found throughout the city.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (14)
Quad Triple Twin Single

10 - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 2,211 AU$ 2,557 AU$ 2,910 AU$ 5,666

09 - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 2,216 AU$ 2,564 AU$ 2,930 AU$ 5,706

2D - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,334 AU$ 2,759 AU$ 3,160 AU$ 6,166

2C - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,359 AU$ 2,792 AU$ 3,210 AU$ 6,266

2B - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,409 AU$ 2,859 AU$ 3,310 AU$ 6,466

1C - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,519 AU$ 2,993 AU$ 3,510 AU$ 6,866

2A - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,519 AU$ 2,993 AU$ 3,510 AU$ 6,866

1B - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,534 AU$ 3,013 AU$ 3,540 AU$ 6,926

1A - Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda

AU$ 2,594 AU$ 3,093 AU$ 3,660 AU$ 7,166

SV - Sunset Veranda

AU$ 2,644 AU$ 3,160 AU$ 3,760 AU$ 7,366

C3 - Concierge Class with Veranda

AU$ 2,694 AU$ 3,213 AU$ 3,840 AU$ 7,526

C2 - Concierge Class with Veranda

AU$ 2,784 AU$ 3,340 AU$ 4,030 AU$ 7,906

C1 - Concierge Class with Veranda

AU$ 2,929 AU$ 3,520 AU$ 4,300 AU$ 8,446

A2 - Aqua Class with Veranda

AU$ 3,044 AU$ 3,653 AU$ 4,500 AU$ 8,846

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