Hanseatic Nature, Iceland & Spitsbergen ex Reykjavik to Longyearbyen

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11 Night Cruise sailing from Reykjavik to Longyearbyen onboard Hanseatic Nature.

11 Night Cruise sailing from Reykjavik to Longyearbyen onboard Hanseatic Nature.

NOTE: Please note that your choosen cruise is conducted in German only. All printed matters are available in German. Nevertheless our crew is fluent in English.

When two elements merge to form an island and unfathomable fjords promise unique wildlife encounters, you will know that you are surrounded by the wonder of Iceland and Spitsbergen.

Highlights of this cruise:

Iceland (cruising off Latrabjarg, Patreksfjordur , Akureyri, Grimsey )
A hot-and-cold island of stunning natural phenomena: in Iceland, look forward to an expedition into foreign worlds – surreal, exciting and bursting with sagas and myths. In addition to impressive volcanic landscapes and gigantic waterfalls, the Nordic wildlife will also draw you under its spell. Get things off to a spectacular start at the bird-inhabited cliffs of Latrabjarg, teeming with thousands of puffins, guillemots and auks. Whales could also appear at any time – at this time of year, the gentle giants of the seas return to the north after the winter. In the western fjords, Patreksfjordur is quiet and tranquil. Experts will accompany you through this small town surrounded by bright sandy beaches and turquoise water – a completely unexpected “Caribbean” atmosphere in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Akureyri, a northern gem, is home to the writer Jon Sveinsson and famous for its botanical gardens. Take a tour to the Godafoss waterfall and Midge Lake* and enjoy a stunning view of the thundering waterfall to which the heathens consigned their pagan idols during the process of Christianisation. The name of Lake Myvatn (or “Midge Lake”) refers to the swarms of midges that often hover like pulsating clouds of fog in the summer months. A flight over the volcanic landscape* will reveal the staggering dimensions of the largest lava field and the mighty Vatnajoekull glacier. You will be carried through this idyllic landscape on small island inhabitants known for their friendly character: riding Icelandic horses* will introduce you to these lovely creatures and show you how comfortable they are to ride with their special tolt gait. Your knowledge will keep pace with these new impressions when our team of experts provide fascinating insights into the Viking history, wildlife and geology of the volcanic island of Grimsey. Keen photographers can get shots of the impressive basalt columns, a popular site for photos, before you continue on your cruise.

Spitsbergen (including Prins Karls Forland, Ny-Alesund, Moellerhafen, Liefdefjord, Raudfjord, Magdalenefjord, Isfjord)
Untouched wilderness, bizarre ice formations and deep fjords: thrilling days lie ahead on the coast of Spitsbergen. Explore the natural paradise of the Arctic – habitat of whales, Arctic foxes, polar bears and walruses – in great detail thanks to the captain and crew’s years of polar experience.

They will always react flexibly and spontaneously to capture unforgettable moments depending on the weather and ice. For example, if you are lucky enough to hear a cry of “polar bear spotted!” Overwhelming wildlife encounters at close proximity also await you on the small island of Prins Karls Forland, where imposing walruses often gather in herds. Like the polar explorers who set out from Ny-Alesund in 1926 and became the first people to reach the North Pole, you will visit this place where scientists now strive to get to the bottom of climate change. Immersing yourself in the fascinating scenery of Moellerhafen is not the only way to enter realms seen by very few people.

Your route will take you along drifting ice floes through the shimmering turquoise waters of the Liefdefjord to the calving Monaco Glacier, its 40 m (131 ft) high foot an astonishing sight. The rich colours of the north continue to surprise on the Raudfjord. Red mountain slopes add stunning accents, while the glacier backdrop of the Magdalenefjord will leave no doubt that you are close to the brilliance of nature in the Arctic Circle. Expansive tundra and peaked mountains draw you into the atmospheric world of the Isfjord as Spitsbergen bids farewell with its largest fjord system. Return home from this expedition of unforgettable intensity with a wealth of extraordinary impressions.

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