Allure, Eastern Caribbean & Perfect Day ex Miami Return



7 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Miami onboard Allure of the Seas.

7 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Miami onboard Allure of the Seas.

In only eight years since it launched, Allure of the Seas® has managed to impress everyone, with awards ranging from onboard entertainment to family-friendly activities. One thing’s for sure— there’s never been a showstopper quite like Allure.

Highlights of this cruise:

Miami moves to a rhythm all its own— from the sun-drenched beaches to a diverse blend of cultures. Indulge in the glitzy chic of Miami Beach and explore Little Havana’s deep-rooted Cuban heritage. Unwind on Key Biscayne’s serene shorelines, pedal along Ocean Drive or paddle a kayak through Oleta River State Park’s winding mangrove channels. Head to Coconut Grove to take in the bohemian vibe. Tour the Vizcaya estate’s Renaissance-inspired gardens. Miami cruises give guests the opportunity to check out the Perez Art Museum’s contemporary collections. Whether it’s deep-sea fishing, Art Deco architecture, world-class cuisine or endless nightlife, adventure shines bright in The Magic City.

What makes St. Maarten so unique is its blend of cultures. The island is home to 120 different nationalities speaking over 80 languages, and is governed by two countries: the Netherlands and France. In fact, it’s the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations. While it may be less than 40 square miles, there’s plenty to do on this little island: you can travel back in time while exploring centuries-old ruins and get your adrenaline fix ziplining through lush tropical forests. If you’re after a little rest and relaxation during your cruise to St. Maarten, you’ll find plenty of secluded beaches where you can work on your suntan before treating your taste buds to some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico’s 500-year-old capital is a history buff’s dream come true. The Spanish settled this harbor as a New World home base, and that influence is still evident, from the fortress walls lining the coastline to the rainbow of colonial buildings along narrow streets. Venture further out from the old town and nature unfolds. You can scale high into the jungled mountains of El Yunque Forest, or keep to the foothills on a riverside horseback ride. If despacito is more your speed, pick a pristine beach and recline with codfish fritter and rum drink in hand. San Juan cruises give you the perfect outpost to dial up or dial down your vacation.

This isn’t vacation days spent. This is bragging rights earned. With one-of-a-kind ways to thrill and chill, all in the same day. Like conquering the tallest waterslide in North America, and snapping a shot from 400 feet up in a helium balloon. A drink at the swim-up bar in the Caribbeans’ largest freshwater pool. Or a taste of Bora Bora in the only private overwater cabanas in the Bahamas. This is Perfect Day at CocoCay — only on Royal Caribbean®.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (34)
Quad Triple Twin Single

ZI - Inside Guarantee

AU$ 1,018 AU$ 1,146 AU$ 1,402 AU$ 2,625

YO - Oceanview Guarantee

AU$ 1,045 AU$ 1,189 AU$ 1,477 AU$ 2,774

6V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,066 AU$ 1,210 AU$ 1,497 AU$ 2,815

4V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,083 AU$ 1,232 AU$ 1,531 AU$ 2,883

XN - Neighbourhood Balcony Guarantee

AU$ 1,110 AU$ 1,253 AU$ 1,538 AU$ 2,897

3V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,086 AU$ 1,246 AU$ 1,565 AU$ 2,951

2V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,100 AU$ 1,255 AU$ 1,565 AU$ 2,951

6N - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 1,100 AU$ 1,262 AU$ 1,586 AU$ 2,992

1V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,103 AU$ 1,269 AU$ 1,599 AU$ 3,019

2T - Promenade View Interior Stateroom

AU$ 1,117 AU$ 1,278 AU$ 1,599 AU$ 3,019

2N - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 1,110 AU$ 1,275 AU$ 1,606 AU$ 3,033

2S - Central Park View Interior

AU$ 1,120 AU$ 1,282 AU$ 1,606 AU$ 3,033

XB - Balcony Guarantee

AU$ 1,154 AU$ 1,307 AU$ 1,613 AU$ 3,046

2J - Central Park View Balcony

AU$ 1,161 AU$ 1,321 AU$ 1,640 AU$ 3,101

1N - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 1,141 AU$ 1,319 AU$ 1,674 AU$ 3,169

2I - Boardwalk View Balcony

AU$ 1,191 AU$ 1,361 AU$ 1,701 AU$ 3,223

1J - Central Park View Balcony

AU$ 1,195 AU$ 1,366 AU$ 1,708 AU$ 3,237

6D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,209 AU$ 1,380 AU$ 1,722 AU$ 3,264

8D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,209 AU$ 1,380 AU$ 1,722 AU$ 3,264

1I - Boardwalk View Balcony

AU$ 1,215 AU$ 1,393 AU$ 1,749 AU$ 3,318

7D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,226 AU$ 1,405 AU$ 1,763 AU$ 3,346

1A - Ultra Spacious Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 1,205 AU$ 1,393 AU$ 1,769 AU$ 3,359

4D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,236 AU$ 1,416 AU$ 1,776 AU$ 3,373

2D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,243 AU$ 1,425 AU$ 1,790 AU$ 3,400

5D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,246 AU$ 1,432 AU$ 1,803 AU$ 3,427

1D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,253 AU$ 1,441 AU$ 1,817 AU$ 3,454

2C - Oceanview with Large Balcony

AU$ 1,317 AU$ 1,525 AU$ 1,939 AU$ 3,699

1C - Oceanview with Large Balcony

AU$ 1,324 AU$ 1,536 AU$ 1,960 AU$ 3,740

J4 - Junior Suite

AU$ 1,848 AU$ 2,106 AU$ 2,620 AU$ 5,061

J3 - Junior Suite

AU$ 1,916 AU$ 2,196 AU$ 2,756 AU$ 5,333

GS - Grand Suite 1 Bedroom

AU$ 2,644 AU$ 3,153 AU$ 4,170 AU$ 8,161

L1 - Crown Loft Suite with Balcony

AU$ 3,038 AU$ 3,679 AU$ 4,959 AU$ 9,739

OS - Owners Suite 1 Bedroom

AU$ 3,171 AU$ 3,855 AU$ 5,224 AU$ 10,269

A3 - Spacious Aqua Theatre Suite 1 Bedroom

AU$ 3,307 AU$ 4,037 AU$ 5,496 AU$ 10,813

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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