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12 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Southampton onboard Island Princess.

12 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Southampton onboard Island Princess.

Island Princess is your own private retreat on the sea. Whether you crave relaxation or exhilaration, you'll find the soothing Lotus Spa®, live entertainment, gourmet cuisine, casino gaming and more. And for a special treat, try the Bayou Café and Steakhouse, which features New Orleans-inspired Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Highlights of this cruise:

Southampton (London), England
The south of England boasts a dramatic coastline that encloses some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain. The landscape of hills and heaths, downs and forests, valleys and dales, is without rival. Southampton serves as your gateway to the countryside - and to a wide variety of historic sites, national landmarks and charming. And of course, London is a two-hour drive by modern highway.

The United Kingdom's premier passenger ship port, Southampton was home for many years to the great transatlantic liners of yesteryear.

Alesund, Norway
The island of Giske is the reputed birthplace of the great Viking Rollo, who laid siege to Paris and founded the Duchy of Normandy. William the Conqueror was his grandson.

In 1904, a massive fire destroyed 800 buildings in this fishing port. Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II responded with immediate aid, and Ålesund was reborn. Not surprisingly, the town was rebuilt in the then-popular Art Nouveau style known as Jugendstil. The result is one of the prettiest ports in Norway. Buildings with elegant turrets and spires can be seen lining the streets of the city center. Today, the city is one of Norway's most important fishing harbors and the world's largest supplier of stockfish (Klippfisk) - dried cod. Alesund's major attractions are the surrounding fjords and the stunning Sunnmøre Alps.

Tromso, Norway
Lying north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø has been a departure point for Arctic explorers and hunters since the 18th century. Today, this town of some 50,000 individuals is home to the northernmost university in the world, which gives Tromsø a lively cultural and street scene, highlighted by the annual Midnight Sun Marathon.

Ride the cable car to the summit of Mt. Storsteinen for dramatic views of Tromsø city and Troms Island. Enjoy refreshments at the panoramic restaurant.

Alta, Norway
Alta is known as the "City of the Northern Lights" and people from around the world come here to watch the spectacular phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis. In 1899, the world's first Northern Lights observatory was built on Halddetoppen just outside of Alta. But Finnmark's largest city has more to offer than bright dancing lights. Alta's the gateway to unspoiled beauties such as the Finnmarksvidda plateau and the Sautso, often called Northern Europe's Grand Canyon. From the UNESCO-protected rock carvings at the Alta Museum to the fascinating Sami culture, Alta is a tantalizing treasure just waiting to be discovered.

Stavanger, Norway
Norway's fourth largest city, Stavanger lies at the mouth of the Gandsfjord. The old port, attests to the sea's enduring role in Norwegian history. Here, Vikings once sailed on voyages of conquest and exploration. In later centuries, the port served as a major hub for Norway's mercantile and fishing fleets. By the mid-20th century, however, Stavanger had fallen on hard times as the fishing grounds dwindled. In 1969, the discovery of North Sea oil opened a new chapter in Stavanger's history.

At the "Sword in the Rock" Monument, three giant crossed Viking swords commemorate King Harald Fair Hair's unification of Norway in 872 following his victory at the Battle of Hafrsfjord.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (33)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IE - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,801 AU$ 3,000 AU$ 3,398 AU$ 6,622

IF - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,801 AU$ 3,000 AU$ 3,398 AU$ 6,622

ID - Inside cabin

AU$ 2,816 AU$ 3,020 AU$ 3,428 AU$ 6,682

IC - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,836 AU$ 3,047 AU$ 3,468 AU$ 6,762

IB - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,851 AU$ 3,067 AU$ 3,498 AU$ 6,822

IA - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,871 AU$ 3,093 AU$ 3,538 AU$ 6,902

OZ - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,941 AU$ 3,187 AU$ 3,678 AU$ 7,182

OY - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,961 AU$ 3,213 AU$ 3,718 AU$ 7,262

OW - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,976 AU$ 3,233 AU$ 3,748 AU$ 7,322

OV - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,991 AU$ 3,253 AU$ 3,778 AU$ 7,382

OE - Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 3,116 AU$ 3,420 AU$ 4,028 AU$ 7,882

OC - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,151 AU$ 3,467 AU$ 4,098 AU$ 8,022

OB - Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 3,166 AU$ 3,487 AU$ 4,128 AU$ 8,082

O6 - Outside

Request Request AU$ 4,168 AU$ 8,162

O5 - Outside

Request Request AU$ 4,198 AU$ 8,222

BZ - Balcony (Obstructed View)

Request Request AU$ 4,588 AU$ 9,002

BY - Balcony Cabin (Obstructed View)

Request Request AU$ 4,658 AU$ 9,142

BF - Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 3,851 AU$ 4,167 AU$ 4,798 AU$ 9,422

BE - Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 3,886 AU$ 4,213 AU$ 4,868 AU$ 9,562

BD - Oceanview with Balcony

Request Request AU$ 4,938 AU$ 9,702

BC - Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 3,961 AU$ 4,313 AU$ 5,018 AU$ 9,862

BB - Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 3,991 AU$ 4,353 AU$ 5,078 AU$ 9,982

MY - Mini Suite with Picture Window

Request AU$ 4,400 AU$ 5,148 AU$ 10,122

BA - Oceanview with Balcony

Request Request AU$ 5,148 AU$ 10,122

B2 - Premium Balcony Cabin

AU$ 4,096 AU$ 4,493 AU$ 5,288 AU$ 10,402

B1 - Premium Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 5,358 AU$ 10,542

ME - Mini Suite With Balcony

AU$ 4,691 AU$ 5,287 AU$ 6,478 AU$ 12,782

MD - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 4,751 AU$ 5,367 AU$ 6,598 AU$ 13,022

MB - Mini Suite With Balcony

Request AU$ 5,540 AU$ 6,858 AU$ 13,542

M1 - Suite

Request AU$ 5,847 AU$ 7,318 AU$ 14,462

S6 - Vista Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 8,203 AU$ 9,978 AU$ 19,782

S5 - Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 8,483 AU$ 10,398 AU$ 20,622

S4 - Suite

Request AU$ 8,763 AU$ 10,818 AU$ 21,462

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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