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123 Night World Cruise sailing from Los Angeles to Dover aboard Crystal Serenity.

123 Night World Cruise sailing from Los Angeles to Dover aboard Crystal Serenity.

Exotic, wild and ancient, follow a mesmerizing route through Hawaii and the South Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, the Far East and beyond. Come see pagodas in Myanmar, temples in India, marvels of the UAE and wonders of Egypt.

Highlights of this cruise:

Los Angeles
Spectacular natural surroundings combined with the vitality of a creative and artistic community make Los Angeles one-of-a-kind. Sunshine, majestic palm trees and the sandy beaches of the Pacific share the spotlight with L.A.'s glamorous movie industry and its world-famous celebrities. Formally founded in 1781, it is now one of the world's largest metropolitan centers.

"Aloha" and welcome to Oahu, Hawaii's great "gathering place." Asian- and American-influenced cultures combine to create a lifestyle where the tropical tempos of Polynesia prevail and the aloha spirit pervades every aspect of the culture.

Honolulu and Oahu are the center of island life and boast sandy beaches, endearing smiles and exotic tropical flowers. Nearby, elegant resorts and towering high-rises line the gentle curve of Waikiki Beach. In the distance, majestic Diamond Head Crater lies on the horizon beyond your Crystal ship.

The choices are many. Relive the historic events of Pearl Harbor, explore tropical rainforests or witness the creation of island culinary magic.

Having served as the South Pacific headquarters for the U.S. military during World War II, the main island of New Caledonia, called Grande Terre, has played a prominent role on the world stage. These days, the island's sunny weather and natural beauty have taken the spotlight, bringing people to its shores for relaxation and outdoor pursuits. The island's French-influenced capital, Nouméa, dubbed the Paris of the Pacific, has a distinctly French flair with fine restaurants and designer boutiques. Off shore are the vast barrier reefs, home to 350 species of coral and 1,500 species of fish. New Caledonia's protected lagoon covers almost nine thousand square miles, making it the largest lagoon complex in the world. At nearly one thousand miles long, the barrier reef is the world's second largest, behind Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Nestled between the Gold Coast to the south and the Sunshine Coast to the north, laid-back Brisbane makes the most of its magnificent beaches, offering an ideal blend of Aussie ease and urban energy. Wander in the lush Botanical Gardens, shop in the Queen Street Mall, or enjoy the countless cafés and restaurants along the banks of the Brisbane River.

Known also as “Ambon Manise,” meaning “beautiful” or “pretty,” this Indonesian Spice Island is blanketed in lush rainforested mountains (butterflies and tropical birds abound), revered for its pearly white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Rich with history, culture and delicious food, it is also surrounded by numerous islands including the gorgeous isle of Saparua.

Known also as “Ambon Manise,” meaning “beautiful” or “pretty,” this Indonesian Spice Island is blanketed in lush rainforested mountains (butterflies and tropical birds abound), revered for its pearly white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Rich with history, culture and delicious food, it is also surrounded by numerous islands including the gorgeous isle of Saparua.

Hong Kong
Although Hong Kong has returned to its original Chinese roots, it still remains a cosmopolitan city with influences, languages and accents from around the world. Here East meets West and the result is electric. Soaring skyscrapers rise from the hills and harbor, blending geography and nature with commercial concrete, steel and pulsating neon in a way that brings traditional Chinese culture and Western-style commerce into perfect harmony. The bustling city streets are lined with teeming markets and sophisticated boutiques tucked tightly into any available crevice. Some of the world's best shopping is found in Central, located on Hong Kong Island and only a short ferry ride away. Discover the beauty and magic of Hong Kong today!

Thriving Hiroshima lies on the Ota River Delta at the mouth of Hiroshima Bay and is one of Japan's largest cities. Its name originates from the castle of Hiroshima-jo (meaning Broad-Island Castle), built during the 16th century. Since the traumatic events of August 6, 1945, Hiroshima has regained its status as an important Japanese industrial area and the center of the worldwide movement against atomic weapons. Once ashore, commemorate the past at the Peace Memorial Park, view the city's beautifully restored castle or venture out to the highly revered shrine on Miyajima Island.

Osaka, as it was in the 16th century, still remains a city of commerce. Although the nature of the city hasn't changed, it is presently undergoing an architectural revolution, rejuvenating and redefining itself with a dazzling display of gleaming skyscrapers and towers. During the 4th and 5th centuries, Osaka and its surrounding towns and cities were at the core of the developing Japanese society. It was through these centers that Chinese merchants traded their goods with the rest of Japan. Chinese merchants not only brought goods, but new knowledge, technology and culture, all of which filtered into Japan through the port of Osaka. The effects of this cultural trade remain evident to this day in the form of Osaka's superb restaurants, dedicated theater and collection of impressive temples and steadfast castles. Due to Osaka's prime geography and successful seaport, it provides an excellent base from which to venture inland to some of Japan's most stunning and popular cities. The ancient capitals of sacred Kyoto and tranquil Nara beckon travelers with their power and majesty.

Incheon (or Inchon) is rising to new heights, literally. An industrial city west of Seoul, Incheon is developing metropolitan real estate with dramatic results, including a district called Songdo International City, where the world’s tallest twin tower buildings, 151 Incheon Tower, are under construction. The area already is home to South Korea’s tallest building, the North Asia Trade Tower. Songdo is targeted for completion in 2015 and will be South Korea’s most expensive real estate investment to date. In the meantime, there is much to be discovered. Independence Memorial Hall is home to the monument commemorating General MacArthur, who led U.S. forces in the Inchon Landing that turned the tide of the Korean War. The Wolmido area boasts a small park and picturesque ocean views. Farther afield are the Incheon Islands, favorite destinations for hikers and beachgoers.

Shanghai, located just inside the mouth of the great Yangtze River, marks the point where Asia's longest and most important river completes its 3,400-mile journey to the Pacific. The city's unique location is the source of its existence and has determined what it is today. Until 1842, Shanghai was merely a tiny fishing village. Following the first Opium War, Shanghai became a treaty port, which opened the city to foreign influence and resulted in the development of numerous British, French and American colonial settlements within the city and along the Yangtze River. Today, Shanghai is the center of China's economic resurgence and its skyline attests to this development in the form of towering skyscrapers, brightly lit commercial high-rises and the unsettling Oriental Pearl Tower. A testimony to Shanghai's colonial era, stately European buildings in art deco style line the Bund, the city's spacious waterfront promenade. An endless flotilla of sampans edge the Huangpu River, dividing old and new Shanghai. Beyond the rush of the city, serene ponds and gardens offer a gentle respite. Must-see sights include the Jade Buddha Temple and tranquil Yu Garden, impressive monuments to China's history and style. Inland lies Suzhou, with its majestic Grand Canal and classical gardens, as well as equally significant Hangzhou, terminus of the Grand Canal and the center of China's legendary tea industry.

Singapore blends the contemporary splendor of a sparkling modern city with influences from throughout the Orient. Its history is one of riches and romance, spice trading and piracy, colonialism and growth. This island state has grown from a small fishing village to one of Asia's greatest success stories. Temples, mosques and churches stand as serene reminders of the varied collection of migrations that have graced its history. Discover the mansions and polo greens of colonial Singapore, the mystique of Chinatown and the heady aroma of spices and curry along Arab Street. You will quickly come to understand why Singapore is acclaimed as the "Crossroads of the East."

Through its decades of self-isolation, the unspoiled country of Yangon, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has retained its charm, fascinating traditions and the irresistible politeness of its people. The colonial capital of this timeless land is Rangoon, "Yangon" to the Burmese. Although the initial settlement dates back over 2,500 years, the city itself is not particularly old. It features few high rises, little traffic and vehicles dating from the '50s and '60s, all giving the visitor an impression of a town from the past.

India contains a bewildering variety of tribes, religions, cultures and languages-and most are present in Mumbai, one of the world's most densely populated cities. Remnants of British rule along oceanfront Marine Drive stand alongside the thought-provoking former home of Mahatma Gandhi, and the cave temple at Elephanta with its second-century Hindu gods.

Tiny Dubai is a member of the United Arab Emirates, the cluster of prosperous sheikdoms along the Arabian Sea. Dubai grew rich on pearls and gold, but today its bread and butter is petroleum, a source of fabulous wealth. In the offshore oil fields of Dubai are three submerged oil tanks, each twenty stories tall, which locals call “The Three Pyramids of Dubai.

Of all the Cyclades Islands, Santorini is often considered the most dramatic. Once an active volcano, it was known as Stongyle, or the Round Island. In about 1500 BC, the volcano erupted with such force that the center of the island literally exploded, leaving the haunting submerged crater into which Crystal sails. The island's small villages were preserved in the ashes and recent excavations have uncovered a fascinating view of everyday life from 3,500 years ago.

Santorini's dark landscape offsets its simple, yet refined Cycladic buildings, which glimmer in the sunlight. The rich volcanic soil is ideal for grapes and the local vines produce a cherished crop known for its "special volcanic taste."

Thíra, or Fira Town, is laid out along the edge of a cliff that partially forms the rim of the now extinct caldera. A picturesque site, it exudes charm and an atmosphere of leisure that can be attributed to the easy-going Greek lifestyle.

Civitavecchia was founded by Emperor Trajan in the 2nd century. Today this port is noted for its fine seafood and attractive monuments. Located 90 minutes away is the Eternal City of Rome. Steeped in 2,500 years of history, Rome was for many centuries the center of Western civilization. It was both the focal point of the Roman Empire and of Christendom. Landmarks such as the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Spanish Steps are reminders of the legacy of its rich past.

Bordeaux was at one time France's richest community and largest port. It is second only to Paris as the country's most densely populated city.

Today it is best-known for its glorious châteaux, mouth-watering cuisine and incomparable wines. It is surrounded by the world's most famous vineyards including Médoc, St-Emilion, Pomerol, Graves and Sauternes.

Crystal's sojourn in this world-renowned wine capital is bound to please even the most discerning bon vivant.

For centuries, Dover has been a symbol of England's royal fortitude. The port's legendary White Cliffs have long been a welcomed landmark for seafaring travelers. The solid Dover Castle has faced invasions by Roman, French and even English troops. London's legendary sights, including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament Square, Whitehall and the fashionable West End, lie just 80 miles from historic Dover.

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