Diadema, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan,Greece,Italy ex Dubai to Savona

EU Mediterranean


22 Night Cruise sailing from Dubai to Savona aboard Costa Diadema.

22 Night Cruise sailing from Dubai to Savona aboard Costa Diadema.

The fleet's new flagship whose name (Italian for "tiara") says it all. Costa Diadema offers the most complete, innovative and surprising experiences you could have on a cruise. Enchanting you with its many different styles, all coexisting in harmony. Surrounding you with the majestic and refined elegance of its different environments and atmospheres. Captivating you with a wide range of attractions for you to experience, from an endless selection of food, with flavours from around the world for you to enjoy, to the most spectacular Samsara Spa in the entire fleet, for maximum pleasure and well-being.

The biggest. The most modern.The brightest jewel in the Costa fleet. Ready to sparkle before your eyes, whenever you want.

Highlights of this cruise:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
An icon of modernity and luxury, this is your ideal destination if you love shopping or if you’re looking for unique experiences, like skiing within a stone’s throw of the desert.

Khasab, Oman
Khasab is a small and peaceful fishing village, a former Portuguese colony and now the capital of the Musandam peninsula. It is an enchanting strip of land, known as the Norway of Oman because of the fjords created by the rocks in their contact with the sea: an endless and jagged bay, where the water lies as still as oil.

Muscat, Oman
Relive the history of Oman’s capital by venturing among its ancient walls and lingering around the stalls and colors of its bustling souks.

Salalah, Oman
In southern Oman, alongside archaeological treasures that bear witness to its glorious history, beautiful beaches will offer you complete relaxation.

Aqaba, Jordan
The waters below the cliffs of this simple but attractive town are teeming with fish. From here you can travel to Petra and the spectacular deserts that surround it.

Haifa, Israel
From this landing place in Galilee, you can travel to the holy sites of the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Orthodox Churches: Nazareth and Bethlehem.

Heraklion, Greece
The island of the mythical Minotaur may be a major modern tourist center, but it proudly retains its ancient traditions.

Athens, Pireaus, Greece
Stroll around the district at the foot of the Acropolis that bears precious witness to a glorious past, and enjoy the happy atmosphere of its little markets.

Naples, Italy
A world of artistic, cultural and human wealth pulsates between the hill of Posillipo and the slopes of Vesuvius. Let yourself be lulled by its melody.

Rome, Civitavecchia, Italy
Its ancient port brings you to the heart of Roman and Etruscan civilizations, although its historic center is also a charming medieval village.

Savona, Italy
Overlooked by the imposing fortress of Priamar, the port city will welcome you to the Riviera di Ponente, with its celebrated seaside resorts.

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