Pursuit, Argentina, Chile & Peru ex Buenos Aires to Lima

South America


21 Night cruise departing from Buenos Aires to Lima onboard Azamara Pursuit.

21 Night cruise departing from Buenos Aires to Lima onboard Azamara Pursuit.

Sail from Buenos Aires, “The Paris of South America”, to beautiful Montevideo, a city dripping in European charm and elegance with its broad boulevards, fountains, stately squares, and irresistible sidewalk cafes. A day in Punta del Este is next, before two relaxing days on your boutique hotel at sea where you can lounge on the pool deck or indulge in a spa treatment.

A late stay in Port Stanley means more time to take in these remote, windswept islands before setting sail for an overnight in Ushuaia, an adventurer’s haven at the end of the world. Ushuaia is set on the banks of the Beagle Channel, which we'll spend the next day cruising. Next, it’s on to Punta Arenas where you can channel the intrepid spirit of Antarctic Explorers.

Steep, rugged shores abound as you cruise through the Chilean Fjords’ vast network of free, open channels that wind their way to a day spent in Puerto Chacabuco. In Puerto Montt, take advantage of its perfect blend of shopping, sightseeing, and history that elevates any South American cruise itinerary.

A day at sea brings us to Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering some of the best in Chilean food, art, and culture. Enjoy a Pisco Sour in La Serena before settling in for an overnight in Chile’s pearl of the North, Antofagasta. Rich in history, industry, and spectacular scenery, Antofagasta is the gateway between the vast Atacama Desert and the pristine South Pacific coast.

A final day at sea brings us to our last destination before our debark at Lima, the quaint colonial town of Pisco. Spend the day exploring—Pisco has a high concentration of marine life and birds nearby and is central to mysterious archaeological interests. Before leaving Lima, take some time to explore its stunning colonial architecture and eclectic culinary scene.

Highlights of this cruise:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Welcome to elegant, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, with its European colonial architecture and colorful mix of cultures. Each district has its own style: enjoy Palermo with its mansions and parks; shop in the chic boutiques of Soho and Hollywood; and soak up the Italian flavor of La Boca where tango dancers and artists display their talents for passersby.

Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo exudes European charm and elegance, with broad boulevards, fountains, stately squares, and irresistible sidewalk cafes. Take in the Art Nouveau pedestrian mall, Art Deco Centenary Stadium, and American Embassy designed by I.M. Pei. Most of the nation’s countryside is farm or ranchland, and the life of the cowboy, or gaucho, is part of the local lore.

Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Punta del Este's white sand beaches are popular with families and the glitterati alike. Fashionable cafes and shops line the streets, and an evening harbor-front stroll will no doubt include a serenade by street musicians and entertainers. The town projects an artsy vibe, with the Brava Beach open air sculpture park, displaying large works in steel, concrete, wood, iron, and marble.

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
These remote, windswept islands with a human population of about 3000, support half a million sheep, and as many as a million penguins during the summer nesting season, making it one of the world’s great penguin capitals. Five of the 17 species are represented, and observing their antics is a most pleasurable pursuit.

Ushuaia, Argentina
Alive with marine life offshore, Ushuaia has fully embraced its reputation as a hub of outdoor adventure at the tip of Argentina. This is the southern extreme of Tierra del Fuego, a national park with hiking trails and walking paths through thick forests, inhabited by native birds and beavers, where seals, sea lions, and seabirds can be found in abundance.

Beagle Channel, Argentina
Named after his famed ship the HMCS Beagle, this 240-kilometer-long channel borders both Argentina and Chile, and serves up striking natural beauty everywhere you look.

Punta Arenas, Chile
Punta Arenas bridges Pacific and Atlantic, North and South, and old and new. It’s a city steeped in industry and diversity—plus incredible marine life, stunning natural scenery, and a unique history waiting to be explored.

Chilean Fjords, Chile
Chile’s southern Patagonian coast features some of the most spectacular natural scenery on Earth. From countless glacial fjords, inlets, islands, and navigable channels, to vast temperate rainforests and snow-capped mountain peaks reaching by glacier to the sea below, prepare to feel small.

Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
South of Puerto Montt, surrounded by majestic fjords, Puerto Chacabuco looks more like Norway than Northwest Patagonia.

Puerto Montt, Chile
The capital of Chile’s Lakes District, Puerto Montt delivers the best of land and sea. Savor fresh seafood, spend the day at the beach, or embark on an adventure to explore snow-capped volcanoes.

Valparaiso, Chile
With its bright, colorful buildings, incredible European-inspired architecture, and unique urban hillside design, Valparaiso offers a vibrant artistic culture in a laid-back environment.

La Serena, (Coquimbo), Chile
On the edge of two distinct and diverse worlds, the seaside city of Coquimbo and nearby La Serena lie sandwiched between Chile’s fertile central valley and the arid Atacama Desert.

Antofagasta, Chile
Located a stone’s throw from the driest place on earth—the Atacama Desert—Antofagasta offers incredible natural sights, a unique industrial history, and a series of charming local venues with superb Chilean cuisine.

Pisco, Peru
Captivating and mysterious, Pisco is a quaint fishing town with abundant marine life, a charming downtown, and intriguing archaeological and cultural significance waiting to be explored.

Lima, Peru
Laid-back, but with layers of history and culture to explore, “the City of Kings” is one of South America’s crown jewels. Venture outside the city to discover the famed Nazca lines etched in desert terrain.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (21)
Quad Triple Twin Single

Z - Inside Guarantee

AU$ 3,803 AU$ 4,219 AU$ 5,051 AU$ 9,005

Y - Oceanview Guarantee

AU$ 4,153 AU$ 4,686 AU$ 5,752 AU$ 10,407

12 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 4,490 AU$ 5,141 AU$ 6,445 AU$ 9,119

11 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 4,555 AU$ 5,228 AU$ 6,575 AU$ 9,314

08 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,616 AU$ 5,309 AU$ 6,697 AU$ 10,514

06 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,616 AU$ 5,309 AU$ 6,697 AU$ 10,709

05 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,616 AU$ 5,309 AU$ 6,697 AU$ 10,919

10 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 4,625 AU$ 5,321 AU$ 6,715 AU$ 9,524

09 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 4,695 AU$ 5,415 AU$ 6,855 AU$ 9,734

X - Balcony Guarantee

AU$ 5,485 AU$ 6,462 AU$ 8,416 AU$ 14,729

V3 - Club Veranda Stateroom

AU$ 5,925 AU$ 7,055 AU$ 9,315 AU$ 13,424

V2 - Club Veranda Stateroom

AU$ 5,995 AU$ 7,148 AU$ 9,455 AU$ 13,634

V1 - Club Veranda Stateroom

AU$ 6,205 AU$ 7,428 AU$ 9,875 AU$ 14,264

P3 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 6,265 AU$ 7,508 AU$ 9,995 AU$ 14,444

P2 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 6,335 AU$ 7,601 AU$ 10,135 AU$ 14,654

P1 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 6,470 AU$ 7,781 AU$ 10,405 AU$ 15,059

W - Deluxe Guarantee

AU$ 7,303 AU$ 8,889 AU$ 12,061 AU$ 23,025

N2 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 11,229 AU$ 14,129 AU$ 19,929 AU$ 29,345

N1 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 11,579 AU$ 14,595 AU$ 20,629 AU$ 30,395

SP - Club Spa Suite

AU$ 12,584 AU$ 15,935 AU$ 22,639 AU$ 33,410

CO - Club Ocean Suite

AU$ 13,689 AU$ 17,409 AU$ 24,849 AU$ 36,725

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