Journey, Sri Lanka & India Voyage ex Singapore to Dubai

India & Indian Ocean


15 Night cruise departing from Singapore to Dubai onboard Azamara Journey.

15 Night cruise departing from Singapore to Dubai onboard Azamara Journey.

Singapore is an ideal starting point for your journey - known as the Food Capital of the World, it’s the perfect place to fuel up for the adventure ahead! Cruise to Kuala Lumpur–or KL, as it’s known locally–a city packed with shopping malls, markets, and kiosks. After your KL shopping spree, relax aboard for three nights on your boutique hotel at sea, where you’ll be able to try your luck in the casino, sample a world of culinary delights, or unwind with a spa treatment or massage.

Your first Sri Lankan destination is Hambantota, where you’ll find stunning national parks such as Yala National Park, a real-life Jungle Book. Spend two days in Colombo, exploring historic winding streets and sipping the flavorful ceylon tea that originates in the region. Next, you’ll enjoy two days in Cochin, India. Make a point to rise early so you can see fishermen casting massive Chinese fishing nets from the 14th century, a must-see attraction in Cochin.

Enjoy another night at sea before discovering Mumbai, an exciting, high-energy metropolis that is a city of contrasts and home to more than 20 million people. Next, you’ll have three more nights at sea to experience everything Azamara Journey has to offer before wrapping up your voyage in opulent Dubai, a magnificent futuristic oasis.

Highlights of this cruise:

Sink your teeth into this foodie’s paradise and be sure to try to unofficial dish of the city, chili crab. If eating can be considered the national pastime in Singapore, shopping makes a decent case as the second most popular activity. Head to Orchard Road where miles upon miles of shopping malls await featuring everything from the trendiest fashions to the latest electronic gadgets.

Port Klang, (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia
As you explore the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur, look up—way up—to the 88-story Petronas Towers; the pride of the city and the ultimate symbol of futuristic development. The two main pastimes in Kuala Lumpur are shopping and eating—browse more than 66 shopping malls before finishing the day at the famous kedai kopi shops—a refreshing take on the traditional food court.

Hambantota, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s southern coast is a treasure trove of biodiversity and Hambantota is the gateway to most of it. Yala National Park holds the world’s largest concentration of leopards and elephants, while Uda Walawe National Park rivals the savannahs of Africa. The UNESCO World Heritage-protected Galle Fort is an 18th-century Dutch walled town with chic shops, grand colonial houses, and beautiful beaches.

Colombo, Sri Lanka
This teardrop-shaped island gem offers engaging encounters both in the capital city and the surrounding countryside. Wind your way through the streets of Colombo's old quarter to find some world-famous tea and explore eclectic cafés and shops. Trek out into the jungle and meet the friendly residents of a elephant orphanage.

Kochi, India
The mixture of cultures and influences in Cochin—from giant Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi and a 400-year-old synagogue to ancient mosques and Portuguese-style homes—is a reminder of the city’s history as the former center of the Indian spice trade. But don’t mistake this combination of old and new, east and west as being inharmonious; Cochin is actually a renowned center for Ayurvedic medicine.

Mumbai, India
Amid all the hustle and bustle, Mumbai is buzzing with adventures to discover. To get a sense of the region’s history, visit the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum, where you’ll find over 3,500 objects telling Mumbai's story. To escape to hustle and bustle, travel to Elephanta Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to tour the maze of cave temples and impressive temple carvings.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is a city unlike any other in the world. What was once an endless desert is now home to many triumphs of modern technology, including the world’s first underwater hotel, the world’s tallest building, and the iconic Burj Al Arab. Spend your days exploring merchant stalls in the Dubai Gold Souk, and for an experience you’ll have to see to believe, go skiing in the desert at Ski Dubai.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (22)
Quad Triple Twin Single

12 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 2,929 AU$ 3,309 AU$ 4,069 AU$ 7,887

11 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 2,999 AU$ 3,402 AU$ 4,209 AU$ 8,167

10 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,064 AU$ 3,489 AU$ 4,339 AU$ 8,427

09 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,134 AU$ 3,582 AU$ 4,479 AU$ 8,707

Z - Guarantee Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,179 AU$ 3,617 AU$ 4,494 AU$ 8,734

08 - Club Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 3,475 AU$ 4,038 AU$ 5,165 AU$ 10,079

06 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,540 AU$ 4,125 AU$ 5,295 AU$ 10,339

05 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,610 AU$ 4,218 AU$ 5,435 AU$ 10,619

04 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,675 AU$ 4,305 AU$ 5,565 AU$ 10,879

Y - Guarantee Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,764 AU$ 4,397 AU$ 5,664 AU$ 11,074

V3 - Club Veranda

AU$ 4,945 AU$ 5,998 AU$ 8,105 AU$ 15,959

V2 - Club Veranda

AU$ 5,015 AU$ 6,092 AU$ 8,245 AU$ 16,239

V1 - Club Veranda

AU$ 5,080 AU$ 6,178 AU$ 8,375 AU$ 16,499

P3 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 5,215 AU$ 6,358 AU$ 8,645 AU$ 17,039

X - Guarantee Club Veranda Stateroom

AU$ 5,304 AU$ 6,451 AU$ 8,744 AU$ 17,224

P2 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 5,285 AU$ 6,452 AU$ 8,785 AU$ 17,319

P1 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 5,420 AU$ 6,632 AU$ 9,055 AU$ 17,859

N2 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 5,544 AU$ 6,796 AU$ 9,299 AU$ 18,347

N1 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 5,679 AU$ 6,972 AU$ 9,559 AU$ 18,867

W - Guarantee Suite

AU$ 6,035 AU$ 7,427 AU$ 10,210 AU$ 20,160

SP - Club Spa Suite

AU$ 6,829 AU$ 8,509 AU$ 11,869 AU$ 23,487

CO - Club Ocean Suite

AU$ 7,564 AU$ 9,489 AU$ 13,339 AU$ 26,427

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