Grand, Mexican Riviera ex San Francisco Roundtrip



10 Night Cruise sailing from San Francisco roundtrip aboard Grand Princess.

10 Night Cruise sailing from San Francisco roundtrip aboard Grand Princess.

With an atmosphere of comfortable elegance, tantalizing dining options and dazzling entertainment, your stay on board Grand Princess will be anything but ordinary. Relax at The Sanctuary, a tranquil haven reserved for adults, enjoy Movies Under the Stars® poolside or experience something new with our Discovery at SEA™ enrichment programs.

Highlights of this cruise:

San Francisco
Cable cars, the Golden Gate rising from the fog - welcome to San Francisco, arguably the most romantic and cosmopolitan city in the United States. San Francisco has it all: a colorful history, superb restaurants, sophisticated museums, world-class shopping, and that elusive air of romance and abandon that's part of the tang of the city.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta was sleepy no more; its transformation into an international resort had begun. Then director John Huston chose the village as the location for his film "Night of the Iguana," starring Richard Burton. Today, the city has its own "Gringo Gulch," a haunt of the rich and famous. Travelers are also drawn by its climate, its excellent shopping - which offers great values on leather goods, jewelry, and handicrafts - and mile after mile of palm-lined beaches.

Manzanillo, Mexico
Manzanillo's history as a resort on the Mexican Riviera is brief. But the port's history is as old as the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Cortes first espied the harbour in 1522, when he chose the bay as the site for a shipyard. The city's maritime heritage continues to this day: Manzanillo is the largest commercial port on Mexico's Pacific Coast. What draws travellers, however, is the bay's scenic beauty: jungle-laden mountains rise above rocky coves and golden-sand beaches. The offshore waters offer superb diving - and some of the finest fishing in the world.

For decades, Manzanillo has been a secret destination for fishermen. The offshore waters teem with 70 species of game fish. One can fish for sailfish and dorado year-round.

Mazatlan, Mexico
Lying just below the Tropic of Cancer, Mazatlan boasts a superb year-round climate. Mazatlan, a name that means "Place of the Deer," sits on a peninsula at the feet of the rugged Sierra Madre, and the Cerro de Neveria - "Ice Box Hill" - divides the area's rocky Pacific beaches from the broad, white-sand beaches beloved by visitors. The climate, the beaches, and the world-class sportfishing have turned this commercial fishing port into one of the world's top resort destinations. Yet while visitors flock to the markets, bathe in the sun, or marvel at the airborne ballet of the famed Papantla dancers, Mazatlan remains one of Mexico's major Pacific ports - the city exports over 40 million pounds of shrimp every year.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Millennia ago, Cabo San Lucas was part of the Mexican mainland. Then a massive rupture of the San Andreas Fault sent the waters of the Pacific crashing into the newly formed depression, creating the Sea of Cortez and the Baja Peninsula. Lying at the very tip of Baja, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas - or "Cabo" - is one of the premier resort destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Swim in the transparent waters, marvel at the wealth of marine life, relax on one of the white-sand beaches or try your hand at some of the finest sportfishing in the world.

Note: Your ship will anchor in Cabo San Lucas and use launches to transport all passengers ashore.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (26)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IF - Inside Cabin

AU$ 1,887 AU$ 2,054 AU$ 2,390 AU$ 4,519

IE - Inside Cabin

AU$ 1,902 AU$ 2,074 AU$ 2,420 AU$ 4,579

ID - Inside Cabin

AU$ 1,917 AU$ 2,094 AU$ 2,450 AU$ 4,639

IC - Inside Cabin

AU$ 1,932 AU$ 2,114 AU$ 2,480 AU$ 4,699

IB - Inside Cabin

AU$ 1,952 AU$ 2,141 AU$ 2,520 AU$ 4,779

IA - Inside Cabin

Request Request AU$ 2,540 AU$ 4,819

OZ - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 1,982 AU$ 2,181 AU$ 2,580 AU$ 4,899

OY - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 2,620 AU$ 4,979

OW - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 2,650 AU$ 5,039

OV - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,037 AU$ 2,254 AU$ 2,690 AU$ 5,119

OF - Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 2,760 AU$ 5,259

OE - Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 2,840 AU$ 5,419

OC - Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,187 AU$ 2,454 AU$ 2,990 AU$ 5,719

BF - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,260 AU$ 6,259

O3 - Deluxe Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,290 AU$ 6,319

BE - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,340 AU$ 6,419

BD - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,420 AU$ 6,579

BC - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,490 AU$ 6,719

BB - Balcony Cabin

Request AU$ 2,918 AU$ 3,560 AU$ 6,859

B2 - Premium Balcony Cabin

AU$ 2,712 AU$ 3,071 AU$ 3,790 AU$ 7,319

B4 - Premium Balcony Cabin

Request AU$ 3,071 AU$ 3,790 AU$ 7,319

ME - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 2,762 AU$ 3,138 AU$ 3,890 AU$ 7,519

MD - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 2,832 AU$ 3,231 AU$ 4,030 AU$ 7,799

MB - Mini Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 3,424 AU$ 4,320 AU$ 8,379

S6 - Vista Suite with Balcony

AU$ 4,199 AU$ 4,929 AU$ 6,390 AU$ 12,519

S2 - Owner's Suite with Balcony

AU$ 4,949 AU$ 5,929 AU$ 7,890 AU$ 15,519

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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