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55 Night Cruise sailing from Adelaide roundtrip aboard Sun Princess.

55 Night Cruise sailing from Adelaide roundtrip aboard Sun Princess.

Sun Princess truly lights up the seas, serving up tantalizing cuisine, dazzling live entertainment and new experiences with our Discovery at SEA™ programs. Relax in The Sanctuary, a tranquil haven reserved for adults, or put your feet up at Movies Under the Stars®, whatever you decide to do, your time on board will be unforgettable.

Highlights of this cruise:

Founded in 1836, this graceful city lies nestled on the coastal plain between Gulf St. Vincent and the Adelaide Hills. Adelaide was the vision of Colonel William Light, Australia's Surveyor General, who created a one-mile-square grid for the city's center and surrounded it with a belt of stunning parkland. Today, Adelaide is a metropolis of over one million people, boasting wide, tree-lined boulevards, superb Victorian and Edwardian architecture, tranquil parks, world-class shopping, and the highest number of restaurants per capita of any city in Australia.

Beyond the city and the rugged Adelaide Hills lie the Barossa and Eden Valleys. Here Australian vintners are winning international acclaim for their Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz.

Lying at the mouth of the Swan River, historic Fremantle - founded in 1829 - is your gateway to Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Situated on the banks of the Swan River some 15 miles upriver from Fremantle, Perth is a bustling city where soaring high-rises co-exist with elegant sandstone buildings from the colonial era. Life here moves at a slower pace, so during your visit, relax and savor the bounties of Western Australia, from the wonders of the bush to the wineries of the Swan Valley, from excellent shopping to a leisurely cruise on the Swan River.

Perth's explosive growth in recent decades has engulfed the old historic port of Fremantle - some 70 percent of Western Australia's population live in and around Perth.

Singapore - the very name summons visions of the mysterious East. The commercial center of Southeast Asia, this island city-state of four million people is a metropolis of modern high-rise buildings, Chinese shop-houses with red-tiled roofs, sturdy Victorian buildings, Buddhist temples and Arab bazaars. Founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles of the fabled East India Company, the city is a melting pot of people and cultures. Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil are official languages. Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity are the major faiths. Singapore is an ever-fascinating island boasting colorful traditions, luxurious hotels and some of the finest duty-free shopping in the world.

Lying just 85 miles north of the Equator at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, the island was a haven for Malay pirates and Chinese and Arab traders.

Sri Lanka conjures up the exotic and the mysterious. Once known as Ceylon, the island boasts a fantastic landscape that ranges from primeval rain forest to the bustling modern streets of Colombo, the capital. A visitor to Sri Lanka has a wealth of options. Relax on some of the world's finest beaches. Explore the temples, halls and palaces of the last Sinhalese kingdom at Kandy. Or take a guided tour of an elephant orphanage. Colombo also offers an array of charms, from the Royal Botanic Gardens, once a royal pleasure garden, to the Pettah Bazaar, where vendors hawk everything under the sun.

Colombo and Sri Lanka were shaped by Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and European influences. Colombo also serves as a gateway for Overland Adventures to India.

Richards Bay
Richards Bay is your gateway to KwaZulu-Natal - and to some of the finest game parks in all Africa. It was in the nearby Nkwalini Valley that the great Zulu warrior Shaka consolidated power and created the Zulu nation in the early 19th century. Zulu ascendancy in Southern Africa inevitably led to conflict both with the Boers and the English Cape Colony. The British eventually defeated the Zulu nation, but not before the Zulu impi, military regiments armed with spears called assegai, annihilated a British army at the Battle of Isandlwana. Today, visitors to KwaZulu-Natal will discover a land rich in culture, history, and wildlife, including lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, rhino and more.

The great game parks near Richards Bay include a World Heritage Site and one of South Africa's oldest reserves. Be sure to wear a hat and bring sunglasses, binoculars, camera and adequate sun protection.

Cape Town
160 years after its discovery by Portugal's Bartholomew Diaz in 1488, the Cape of Good Hope was still a part of primeval Africa. Sailors on passing ships impatient to reach the East or return home to Europe would leave messages under inscribed "post office" stones for other ships to carry forward. In 1580, Sir Francis Drake sailed around the Cape. The ruggedness and breathtaking beauty of the peninsula caused him to write, "This Cape is a most stately thing, and the fairest Cape in the whole circumference of the earth." The Dutch East India Company, yielding to repeated petitions and recommendations from their ships' officers, decided to establish a post at Table Bay in 1652. A stronghold was established and subsequently was replaced by the existing Castle of Good Hope - Cape Town's first building.

Cape Town continued to grow quickly under Simon van der Stel, who arrived as Governor in 1679. He turned vast regions into rich farmland, planted some 8,000 trees and designed and built the stateliest of the Cape's historic mansions, Groot Constantia (named after his wife, Constance). The British seized the Cape from Holland in 1806 and the subsequent discovery of diamonds and gold in the country spurred growth and immigration. Cape Town became a municipality in 1840 and a liberal constitution was granted to the Cape Colony in 1853. Today, the "Mother City" and the Western Cape are home to South Africa's parliament for half of the year (Parliament sits in Pretoria for the other half of the year) and much of its major industry.

Durban is South Africa's Riviera. Graced with a subtropical climate, washed by the warm waters of the Mozambique Current, and blessed with golden beaches, the city attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. At the heart of Durban lies the Golden Mile, a three-and a-half-mile stretch of beach lined with luxury hotels, amusement parks and popular restaurants and cafés. The city boasts superb botanical gardens, excellent museums and cultural attractions that include the famed Natal Playhouse. Durban is also your gateway to KwaZulu Natal, the Zulu Homeland. Experience Zulu culture on a visit to a cultural village or watch Zulu dancers greeting you on a visit to Shakaland.

Durban features a unique mix of African, Asian and Western influences, making it South Africa's most sophisticated city.

Port Louis
Port Louis is the capital of the island of Mauritius. A volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, Mauritius is lush and beautiful, with lovely mountain ranges, fine beaches, stunning coral reefs and picturesque villages.

Mauritius amazingly remained uninhabited until the 16th century. Dutch, British and French traders came to the island, followed by slaves from Africa to work the plantations and then laborers from India. The flavor here remains predominantly French, as does the language, however, the present population is fifty percent Indian. Today, Mauritius is independent and the economy prospers due to exports of sugar and textiles, plus it caters to tourism.

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