L'Austral, Panama & Pre Columbian Treasures ex Fuerte Amador to Callao

Panama & Central America


9 Night cruise departing from Fuerte Amador to Callao onboard L'Austral.

9 Night cruise departing from Fuerte Amador to Callao onboard L'Austral.

In partnership with Cuisine et Vins de France.

Through an exceptional itinerary, PONANT invites you to discover an unspoiled America where the past seems to have left a still intact, indelible mark.

From Fuerte Amador, you will set sail aboard the L’Austral for a 10-day cruise from the wild islands in the Gulf of Panama to the legendary land of the Incas.

On the way to Ecuador, the L’Austral will stop in the Pearl Islands, which nestle in the Gulf of Panama. In the heart of this paradise, you will discover Mogo Mogo, a secret island with exceptional marine life.

L’Austral will then sail on to the magnificent Darien National Park in Panama. This little corner of paradise is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to remarkable plants and wildlife. Sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, mangroves, swamps and tropical rainforests vie with each other for beauty and offer a feast for photographers. This will also be the occasion for meeting the astonishing semi-nomadic Emberas community.

You will then visit Santiago de Guayaquil, ‘the pearl of the Pacific’. This surprising city in Ecuador will enable you to reach Quito, a capital listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or Cuenca, a small city that time forgot, with colonial houses decorated with stucco.

When the ship arrives at Callao, you will be able to visit Peru’s main fishing and commercial seaport. From museums to old churches and stately mansions, the city also boasts a unique and rich architecture.

Highlights of this cruise:

Mogo Mogo
With its 220 or more islands and islets, the Las Perlas archipelago is named for the pearl oysters in the Gulf of Panama that were harvested for jewellery or used as currency during the colonial era. Today the pearls have disappeared from these azure waters but you can still explore the sea beds and observe the graceful ballet of shoals of multi-coloured fish. On the secluded and unspoilt island of Mogo Mogo, vast stretches of white sand caressed by a crystalline sea make for excellent diving in this extraordinary marine sanctuary.

Punta Alegre, Darien National Park
The most remote and least developed region of Panama, the province of Darien is an unspoilt land with an extremely rich variety of flora and fauna. You will love its extraordinary scenery of rocky coastlines, mountain ranges, mangroves, rivers and creeks. If you head for the Afro-Darienite village of Punta Alegre, you will gain a deeper insight into this unexplored area. This tiny coastal village is home to the Emberas Amerindian community. From Punta Alegre, you can head to Darien National Park, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage and considered one of the most diversified parks in the whole of Central America.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Pacific”, Guayaquil is the most inhabited city in Ecuador. Founded by the conquistadors in 1535, it borders the coasts of the province of Guayas. You can stroll without any cares in the world, in the upper part of the city, next to the Las Peñas district. This Bohemian district with its colourful houses offers an impressive view of the city, if you’re courageous enough to climb the steps which separate the chapel rooms from Cerro Santa Ana lighthouse. The city is also blessed with many parks and gardens, perfect for taking a breather.

When your ship calls at Salaverry, this is the occasion to discover Trujillo, an elegant colonial town with brightly coloured façades, decorated with ornate wooden balconies. With its yesteryear charm, this city is also a cultural symbol of Peru, as it is home to the vestiges of the Chimú and Mochica civilizations. Chan Chan, the former capital of the Chimù kingdom is the largest adobe citadel in pre-Colombian America, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Admire the Moche pyramids, the Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna, decorated with colourful mythological frescoes.

As the country's primary fishing and trading port, Callao is the maritime gateway to Peru. From the town centre, journey on to the capital, Lima, and wander around the Plaza Mayor (formerly Plaza de Armas), crowned with its gorgeous bronze fountain. Embellished with neo-colonial buildings such as the Government Palace or the Cathedral of Lima, the esplanade is a symbol of the city's founding by conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535. Two streets away is the Monastery of San Francisco, one of the city's best-preserved colonial structures. Further south, don't miss the superb cloisters and patios of the Casona San Marcos.

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