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7 Night Cruise sailing from Seattle return onboard Ruby Princess.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Seattle return onboard Ruby Princess.

Ruby Princess includes a dramatic piazza-style atrium featuring small-bite eateries and performing street entertainers. Passengers will also enjoy an array of dining venues including the signature Sabatini’s Italian restaurant and the Crown Grill steak and seafood restaurant, plus a relaxing oasis just for adults called The Sanctuary. Ruby Princess will also offer the popular Movies Under the Stars, multiple entertainment options, Personal Choice Dining featuring traditional or Anytime seating, Lotus Spa with fitness center, an extensive children and teen’s center, a wedding chapel and nearly 900 staterooms with private balconies -- perfect for enjoying the scenic Caribbean islands.

Highlights of this cruise:

Seattle is a young city with a rich history. Settlers first landed at Alki Point in 1851 and named the area after Sealth, the Suquamish Indian chief who befriended them. Rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1889, "The Emerald City" has a legacy of vision and strength. Seattle has hosted two World's Fairs (1909 and 1962) and is the birthplace of two modern marvels, Boeing and Microsoft.

Known for its rainy climate, Seattle actually averages less annual rainfall than many East Coast cities. The mild weather, spectacular natural surroundings and rich cultural diversity attract visitors from around the world.

As the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies, Astoria offers a rich history for your exploration. It was first visited by Captain Robert Gray in 1792, by the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery in 1805, then adventuresome pioneers by the thousands. Now its your turn to experience the excitement of exploring Astoria.

Within a 20 mile radius, one can see dozens of exciting attractions including Fort Stevens State Park, Fort Astoria, Heritage Center Museum, Flavel House Museum, Uppertown Fire Fighters Museum, Astoria Column and the Columbia River Maritime Museum, home to one of the nation's finest displays of model ships and nautical artifacts. Astoria offers other fun discoveries, such as historic Victorian homes and the beautiful 4.1 mile-long Astoria Bridge

One of the most stunning, natural locales on earth, the Monterey Peninsula, with its jagged coastline, deep blue waters, marine sanctuaries and cooling cypress forests, is so jaw-droppingly beautiful it has inspired artists and writers Robert Louis Stevenson and John Steinbeck on its fabled shores. Just 120 miles south of San Francisco, Monterey was first settled by the Rumsien, a Native American tribe; then, European settlers established a Royal Presidio and Mission in 1770, today one the most authentically restored Franciscan missions. Monterey's friendly community takes pride in its maritime heritage. A walk down iconic Cannery Row reveals its past as the West's sardine capital, and the world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium is a celebration of all creatures of the sea. Top it off with freshly caught seafood and a tasting of local, hand-crafted wines for a perfect day. Nature lovers will relish the opportunity to bike along tree-lined trails or drive the 17-mile road, a spectacular stretch of coastline real estate that includes Carmel, the seaside, star-studded town that boasts cottage-style curio shops, tiny candy stores, cafes and fashionable boutiques, and the legendary Pebble Beach Golf Course. From sandy beaches to salt-water taffy, Monterey offers the quintessential California experience to those lucky enough to grace its shores.

San Francisco
Cable cars, the Golden Gate rising from the fog - welcome to San Francisco, arguably the most romantic and cosmopolitan city in the United States. San Francisco has it all: a colorful history, superb restaurants, sophisticated museums, world-class shopping, and that elusive air of romance and abandon that's part of the tang of the city

Victoria exudes old-world charm and fragrant and colorful flowers are everywhere. Founded in 1843 by James Douglas of the Hudson's Bay Company, the city was first known as Fort Victoria. By 1848, Vancouver Island was a British colony and Victoria was its capital. In 1858, Victoria was a tent city and the base for some 25,000 prospectors on their way to the Frasier River gold fields. When Vancouver Island was incorporated with mainland British Columbia in 1868, Victoria became the capital of the entire province.

Although it's a port city, Victoria is not as industrially oriented as Vancouver. The harbors, especially Inner Harbour, are dotted with pleasure craft, ferries and floatplanes. The city is renowned for its beautiful gardens, charming houses and very British feel.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (32)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IF - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 1,101 AU$ 1,230 AU$ 1,489 AU$ 2,683

IE - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 1,116 AU$ 1,250 AU$ 1,519 AU$ 2,743

ID - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 1,121 AU$ 1,257 AU$ 1,529 AU$ 2,763

IC - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 1,131 AU$ 1,270 AU$ 1,549 AU$ 2,803

IB - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 1,141 AU$ 1,284 AU$ 1,569 AU$ 2,843

IA - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 1,151 AU$ 1,297 AU$ 1,589 AU$ 2,883

OZ - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

AU$ 1,171 AU$ 1,324 AU$ 1,629 AU$ 2,963

OY - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

Request Request AU$ 1,649 AU$ 3,003

OW - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

AU$ 1,191 AU$ 1,350 AU$ 1,669 AU$ 3,043

OV - Oceanview (Obstructed View)

AU$ 1,201 AU$ 1,364 AU$ 1,689 AU$ 3,083

OF - Oceanview Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,769 AU$ 3,243

OE - Oceanview Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,799 AU$ 3,303

OC - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 1,291 AU$ 1,484 AU$ 1,869 AU$ 3,443

BF - Balcony Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,919 AU$ 3,543

OB - Oceanview Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,919 AU$ 3,543

BE - Balcony Stateroom

Request Request AU$ 1,939 AU$ 3,583

BD - Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,486 AU$ 1,650 AU$ 1,979 AU$ 3,663

BC - Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,506 AU$ 1,677 AU$ 2,019 AU$ 3,743

BB - Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,521 AU$ 1,697 AU$ 2,049 AU$ 3,803

BA - Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,536 AU$ 1,717 AU$ 2,079 AU$ 3,863

B2 - Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,571 AU$ 1,764 AU$ 2,149 AU$ 4,003

B4 - Balcony

Request AU$ 1,764 AU$ 2,149 AU$ 4,003

B1 - Balcony Stateroom

AU$ 1,591 AU$ 1,790 AU$ 2,189 AU$ 4,083

ME - Mini-Suite with Balcony

AU$ 1,696 AU$ 1,930 AU$ 2,399 AU$ 4,503

MD - Mini-Suite with Balcony

AU$ 1,731 AU$ 1,977 AU$ 2,469 AU$ 4,643

MB - Mini-Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 2,077 AU$ 2,619 AU$ 4,943

M1 - Suite

Request AU$ 2,257 AU$ 2,889 AU$ 5,483

S6 - Suite with Balcony

AU$ 2,606 AU$ 3,050 AU$ 3,939 AU$ 7,583

S5 - Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 3,144 AU$ 4,079 AU$ 7,863

S3 - Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 3,704 AU$ 4,919 AU$ 9,543

S4 - Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 3,704 AU$ 4,919 AU$ 9,543

S2 - Suite with Balcony

AU$ 3,306 AU$ 3,984 AU$ 5,339 AU$ 10,383

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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