7 Night Cruise sailing from Los Angeles roundtrip aboard Royal Princess.

7 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Los Angeles onboard Royal Princess.

From its breathtaking piazza-style Atrium to the dramatic views from the glass-floored SeaWalk®, Royal Princess is sure to delight. Relax at The Sanctuary, a tranquil haven reserved for adults, watch the mesmerizing Princess WaterColor Fantasy light and water show, or dine on tantalizing cuisine at venues like Crown Grill and more.

Highlights of this cruise:

Los Angeles, California
The City of Angels always hovers between dream and reality. Once a near-forgotten colonial outpost, the pueblo metamorphosed into an agrarian paradise before reinventing itself as a movie colony. Perhaps no other city owes so much to the technological innovations of the 20th century, from the automobile to the airplane. Little wonder that LA is oft described as the "dream machine." In LA, reinvention is a way of life. Yet this talent for change has created a city with a rich ethnic diversity and a sizzling culture. LA is the source for trends that migrate across the country and then the world. Where else can you enjoy a Thai taco or munch on a kosher burrito? Or travel from downtown's high rises to the beaches of Malibu, shopping in Beverly Hills along the way?

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Millennia ago, Cabo San Lucas was part of the Mexican mainland. Then a massive rupture of the San Andreas Fault sent the waters of the Pacific crashing into the newly formed depression, creating the Sea of Cortez and the Baja Peninsula. Lying at the very tip of Baja, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas - or "Cabo" - is one of the premier resort destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Swim in the transparent waters, marvel at the wealth of marine life, relax on one of the white-sand beaches or try your hand at some of the finest sportfishing in the world.

Note: Your ship will anchor in Cabo San Lucas and use launches to transport all passengers ashore.

Mazatlan, Mexico
Lying just below the Tropic of Cancer, Mazatlan boasts a superb year-round climate. Mazatlan, a name that means "Place of the Deer," sits on a peninsula at the feet of the rugged Sierra Madre, and the Cerro de Neveria - "Ice Box Hill" - divides the area's rocky Pacific beaches from the broad, white-sand beaches beloved by visitors. The climate, the beaches, and the world-class sportfishing have turned this commercial fishing port into one of the world's top resort destinations. Yet while visitors flock to the markets, bathe in the sun, or marvel at the airborne ballet of the famed Papantla dancers, Mazatlan remains one of Mexico's major Pacific ports - the city exports over 40 million pounds of shrimp every year.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta was sleepy no more; its transformation into an international resort had begun. Then director John Huston chose the village as the location for his film "Night of the Iguana," starring Richard Burton. Today, the city has its own "Gringo Gulch," a haunt of the rich and famous. Travelers are also drawn by its climate, its excellent shopping - which offers great values on leather goods, jewelry, and handicrafts - and mile after mile of palm-lined beaches.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (31)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IF - Interior

Request Request AU$ 1,438 AU$ 2,702

IE - Interior

AU$ 1,166 AU$ 1,263 AU$ 1,458 AU$ 2,742

ID - Interior

AU$ 1,176 AU$ 1,277 AU$ 1,478 AU$ 2,782

IC - Interior

AU$ 1,186 AU$ 1,290 AU$ 1,498 AU$ 2,822

IB - Interior

AU$ 1,196 AU$ 1,303 AU$ 1,518 AU$ 2,862

IA - Interior

AU$ 1,206 AU$ 1,317 AU$ 1,538 AU$ 2,902

BW - Balcony (Partially Obstructed)

AU$ 1,366 AU$ 1,437 AU$ 1,578 AU$ 2,982

DW - Deluxe Balcony Obstructed

AU$ 1,401 AU$ 1,483 AU$ 1,648 AU$ 3,122

BF - Balcony

AU$ 1,436 AU$ 1,530 AU$ 1,718 AU$ 3,262

BE - Balcony

AU$ 1,451 AU$ 1,550 AU$ 1,748 AU$ 3,322

BD - Balcony

AU$ 1,471 AU$ 1,577 AU$ 1,788 AU$ 3,402

BC - Balcony

AU$ 1,486 AU$ 1,597 AU$ 1,818 AU$ 3,462

BB - Balcony

AU$ 1,506 AU$ 1,623 AU$ 1,858 AU$ 3,542

DF - Deluxe Balcony

AU$ 1,506 AU$ 1,623 AU$ 1,858 AU$ 3,542

DE - Deluxe Balcony

AU$ 1,521 AU$ 1,643 AU$ 1,888 AU$ 3,602

BA - Balcony

Request Request AU$ 1,888 AU$ 3,602

DD - Balcony

Request AU$ 1,670 AU$ 1,928 AU$ 3,682

DC - Deluxe Balcony

AU$ 1,556 AU$ 1,690 AU$ 1,958 AU$ 3,742

DB - Deluxe Balcony

AU$ 1,576 AU$ 1,717 AU$ 1,998 AU$ 3,822

DA - Deluxe Balcony

Request AU$ 1,737 AU$ 2,028 AU$ 3,882

D4 - Premium Deluxe Balcony

AU$ 1,611 AU$ 1,763 AU$ 2,068 AU$ 3,962

MF - Mini Suite

Request AU$ 1,810 AU$ 2,138 AU$ 4,102

ME - Mini Suite

AU$ 1,686 AU$ 1,863 AU$ 2,218 AU$ 4,262

MC - Mini Suite

AU$ 1,761 AU$ 1,963 AU$ 2,368 AU$ 4,562

MB - Mini Suite

AU$ 1,801 AU$ 2,017 AU$ 2,448 AU$ 4,722

MA - Mini Suite

AU$ 1,836 AU$ 2,063 AU$ 2,518 AU$ 4,862

M6 - Mini Suite

Request Request AU$ 2,688 AU$ 5,202

M1 - Suite

AU$ 1,961 AU$ 2,230 AU$ 2,768 AU$ 5,362

S5 - Suite with Balcony

AU$ 2,486 AU$ 2,837 AU$ 3,538 AU$ 6,902

S4 - Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 2,930 AU$ 3,678 AU$ 7,182

S3 - Suite

Request AU$ 3,303 AU$ 4,238 AU$ 8,302

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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