7 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise departing roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale onboard Celebrity Edge.

7 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise departing roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale onboard Celebrity Edge.

Celebrity Cruises, the company that brought you modern luxury cruising, has done it again. Introducing a revolutionary new ship that’s poised to change the way you experience the world—and a new class of ships designed to shatter all expectations.

When it came time to choose a name for this visionary vessel, we looked to the very thing that makes this ship so unique: the fact that during two years of exploration and excitement, every single design element has been taken to the leading edge of possibility. The name was right there in front of us.

Highlights of this cruise:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale lies along the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the New River, 25 miles north of Miami. Its warm tropical weather attracts many people throughout the year. For sun-worshippers, the city has six miles of beaches. There are also many recreational waterways with extensive boating facilities, access to every conceivable watersport, a variety of fascinating museums and trendy restaurants, and an array of entertainment venues.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
One of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico's landscape encompasses mountains, underground caves, coral reefs, white-sand beaches and an incredibly massive rain forest that supplies fresh water to most of the island. At the same time San Juan, the capital of the commonwealth, is a big city with a bustling business district, glitzy resorts and casinos, as well as one of the most stunning examples of colonial life in the Western world.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Besides being one of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean, Tortola offers a decidedly cultural and historical side. Visitors who can pry themselves away from its picture-perfect beaches frequently visit the Virgin Islands Folk Museum, where they find an extensive collection of the island's ancient plantation artifacts.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten
When the Spanish closed their colonial fort on St. Maarten in 1648, a few Dutch and French soldiers hid on the island and decided to share it. Soon after, the Netherlands and France signed a formal agreement to split St. Maarten in half, as it is today. Philipsburg displays its Dutch heritage in its architecture and landscaping. The island offers endless stretches of beach, beautiful landscapes and great shopping.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (30)
Quad Triple Twin Single

12 - Inside Stateroom

AU$ 2,083 AU$ 2,386 AU$ 2,507 AU$ 4,849

11 - Deluxe Inside Stateroom

AU$ 2,088 AU$ 2,393 AU$ 2,517 AU$ 4,869

10 - Deluxe Inside Stateroom

AU$ 2,105 AU$ 2,413 AU$ 2,547 AU$ 4,929

09 - Deluxe Inside Stateroom

AU$ 2,121 AU$ 2,433 AU$ 2,577 AU$ 4,989

08 - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 2,497 AU$ 2,866 AU$ 3,087 AU$ 6,009

07 - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 2,530 AU$ 2,910 AU$ 3,147 AU$ 6,129

06 - Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 2,569 AU$ 2,962 AU$ 3,217 AU$ 6,269

PO - Outside

AU$ 2,640 AU$ 3,057 AU$ 3,357 AU$ 6,549

1B - Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Veranda

AU$ 2,870 AU$ 3,316 AU$ 3,667 AU$ 7,169

1A - Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Veranda

AU$ 2,897 AU$ 3,353 AU$ 3,727 AU$ 7,289

E5 - Balcony

AU$ 3,018 AU$ 3,514 AU$ 3,957 AU$ 7,749

E4 - Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

AU$ 3,035 AU$ 3,536 AU$ 3,987 AU$ 7,809

E3 - Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

AU$ 3,057 AU$ 3,566 AU$ 4,027 AU$ 7,889

E2 - Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

AU$ 3,090 AU$ 3,610 AU$ 4,087 AU$ 8,009

SV - Sunset Veranda Stateroom

AU$ 3,095 AU$ 3,617 AU$ 4,087 AU$ 8,009

C3 - Concierge Class

AU$ 3,152 AU$ 3,647 AU$ 4,097 AU$ 8,029

E1 - Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

AU$ 3,117 AU$ 3,646 AU$ 4,137 AU$ 8,109

C2 - Concierge Class

AU$ 3,229 AU$ 3,750 AU$ 4,247 AU$ 8,329

C1 - Concierge Class

AU$ 3,306 AU$ 3,853 AU$ 4,387 AU$ 8,609

A2 - Aqua Class

AU$ 3,736 AU$ 4,290 AU$ 4,817 AU$ 9,469

A1 - Aqua Class

AU$ 3,852 AU$ 4,444 AU$ 5,037 AU$ 9,909

ES - Edge Single Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

AU$ 4,850 AU$ 5,943 AU$ 7,467 AU$ 8,170

S3 - Sky Suite

AU$ 5,416 AU$ 6,533 AU$ 8,121 AU$ 16,077

S2 - Sky Suite

AU$ 5,867 AU$ 7,135 AU$ 8,991 AU$ 17,817

S1 - Sky Suite

AU$ 6,170 AU$ 7,538 AU$ 9,571 AU$ 18,977

CS - Celebrity Suite

AU$ 8,184 AU$ 10,179 AU$ 13,331 AU$ 26,497

RS - Royal Suite

AU$ 9,715 AU$ 12,175 AU$ 16,221 AU$ 32,277

EV - Edge Villa

AU$ 14,273 AU$ 18,202 AU$ 24,911 AU$ 49,657

PS - Penthouse Suite

AU$ 18,825 AU$ 24,126 AU$ 33,591 AU$ 67,017

IC - Iconic Suite

AU$ 31,535 AU$ 40,752 AU$ 58,191 AU$ 116,217

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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