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16 Night Cruise sailing from Dubai to Athens aboard Azamara Journey.

16 Night Cruise sailing from Dubai to Athens aboard Azamara Journey.

Explore lands of spices, temples, and tombs on this epic voyage that takes you from the dazzling heights of Dubai to the spectacular sights of Athens via transit through the historic Suez Canal.

The adventures begin with an overnight stay in Muscat—where you can tour the mountainside forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, swim in clear blue waters, and shop for bargains at the Mutrah Souk—while in Salalah, there’s the surprise of a lush desert oasis and rare frankincense trees. Then enjoy four days at sea for spa treatments, fine dining and wines, poolside lounging, live entertainment, and evening stargazing.

From Safaga, discover temples and tombs on the mighty Nile—including Karnak and Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and the final resting place of King Tut. An overnight and late-night stay in Aqaba means there’s plenty of time to immerse yourself in the phenomenal ancient city of Petra (an absolute must), walk in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia at Wadi Rum, and swim in the underwater paradise of the Red Sea.

Next, it’s a bucket-list cruise through the Suez Canal (another must-do for any world traveler), followed by another luxurious at-sea day. And uncover the Grecian riches of Heraklion—such as the Archaeological Museum, St. Titus Cathedral, and Knossos, the center of Minoan civilization—before the journey ends in Athens.

Highlights of this cruise:

Dubai, UAE
Dubai is a city unlike any other in the world. What was once an endless desert is now home to many triumphs of modern technology, including the world’s first underwater hotel, the world’s tallest building, and the iconic Burj Al Arab. Spend your days exploring merchant stalls in the Dubai Gold Souk, and for an experience you’ll have to see to believe, go skiing in the desert at Ski Dubai.

Muscat, Oman
Culture and history await those who travel to Muscat. Shoppers will want to visit the Mutrah Souq to discover a colorful maze of vendors offering everything you could imagine. After, take a stroll along the Corniche to the Mutrah Fort for sweeping city views. And don’t forget the Sulan Qaboos Grand Mosque—the third largest in the world and home to a must-see 600,000 crystal Swarovski chandelier!

Salalah, Oman
The city of Salalah is renowned for its khareef, the monsoon season from June to September that transforms this “Perfume Capital of Arabia” into an oasis. But this subtropical city has many other year-round natural sights to behold, including the waterfalls, lakes, mountains, the caves of Wadi Darbat, Mughsail Bay, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Oman.

Safaga (Luxor), Egypt
The Luxor Temple, home to the chapel of Alexander the Great, is a great place to start your journey. Then, continue on to Karnak, the largest religious site in the world. The Valley of the Kings is just a quick jaunt across the Nile, and its also the final resting place of King Tutankhamen. End your day onboard a felucca, and set sail as the sun starts to set over this mysterious land.

But wait, there’s more! The Valley of the Kings is just a quick jaunt across the Nile. Here, you can see more than 63 tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and nobles, including the infamous final resting place of King Tutankhamen. End your day onboard a felucca (a traditional wooden sailboat) and sail back to the east bank as the sun starts to set over this mysterious land.

Aqaba (Petra), Jordan
The stark deserts surrounding Petra are a sharp contrast to the snorkeling paradise of the Red Sea in this Jordanian port. Explore coral reefs and vibrantly colored marine life in Aqaba, then travel inland to one of the world's great wonders—Petra. The massive stone facades of this ancient city are sure to take your breath away.

Suez Canal Cruising
There’s nothing quite like sailing through the Suez Canal. This voyage offers an opportunity to see the marvels of modern-day engineering that allow for travel between the Mediterranean and the Red Seas. A 100-mile journey gives the illusion of sailing across an endless desert of ocean sand, a cruise through the Suez Canal is sure to provide memories to last a lifetime.

Herakilion, Greece
As the largest city on the isle of Crete, with a history that dates back to the 9th century, Heraklion has seen its share of travelers over the millennia. It’s been ruled by the Arab, Venetian, and Ottoman empires. It’s hosted international athletes during the 2004 Olympics. And now, as a new port of call for Azamara, Heraklion welcomes you with a wealth of timeless experiences.

Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Start your journey in Piraeus with an archaeological walk past landmarks like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Agora, and of course, the Acropolis. Afterwards, head to the Central Market for a feast of fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, olives, and Grecian cheese. Finally, check out a local taverna where you can rub elbows with the locals well into the wee hours of the night.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (18)
Quad Triple Twin Single

12 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,504 AU$ 3,934 AU$ 4,794 AU$ 8,921

11 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,574 AU$ 4,028 AU$ 4,934 AU$ 9,201

10 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,644 AU$ 4,121 AU$ 5,074 AU$ 9,481

09 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,714 AU$ 4,214 AU$ 5,214 AU$ 9,761

08 - Club Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 4,362 AU$ 5,079 AU$ 6,512 AU$ 12,357

06 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,427 AU$ 5,166 AU$ 6,642 AU$ 12,617

05 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,497 AU$ 5,259 AU$ 6,782 AU$ 12,897

Y - Guarantee Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,534 AU$ 5,291 AU$ 6,804 AU$ 12,924

04 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 4,567 AU$ 5,352 AU$ 6,922 AU$ 13,177

V3 - Club Veranda

AU$ 5,213 AU$ 6,212 AU$ 8,208 AU$ 15,749

V2 - Club Veranda

AU$ 5,283 AU$ 6,305 AU$ 8,348 AU$ 16,029

V1 - Club Veranda

AU$ 5,353 AU$ 6,398 AU$ 8,488 AU$ 16,309

X - Guarantee Club Veranda Stateroom

AU$ 5,409 AU$ 6,458 AU$ 8,554 AU$ 16,444

P3 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 5,488 AU$ 6,578 AU$ 8,758 AU$ 16,849

P2 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 5,558 AU$ 6,672 AU$ 8,898 AU$ 17,129

P1 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 5,698 AU$ 6,858 AU$ 9,178 AU$ 17,689

N2 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 6,782 AU$ 8,306 AU$ 11,352 AU$ 22,037

N1 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 6,852 AU$ 8,399 AU$ 11,492 AU$ 22,317

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