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7 Night Cruise sailing from Venice to Athens aboard Azamara Journey.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Venice to Athens aboard Azamara Journey.

Arrive early in Venice to drink in as much of this romantic, scenic city as you can before we set sail on an immersive voyage along the Adriatic coast and around the Greek Isles.

In Sibenik, Croatia, a major wine-producing region, enjoy a local red babić and pair it with freshly caught Adriatic seafood. One of Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities, Kotor, Montenegro, is our next destination, where a dry white Krstač wine pairs perfectly with exploring a maze of cobblestone streets. Then it’s on to the Greek Island of Corfu, home to turquoise blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches. Savor every second of an island sunset and treat yourself to a nightcap, thanks to a late stay in port.

Katakolon is next on the itinerary, and for good reason—the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Olympia is just a 40-minute drive from port. Escape to the gem of the Aegean, Santorini. We stay late again here, so take your time strolling the bustling streets and volcanic beaches before finishing your day with a glass of Vinsanto (a sweet, strong dessert wine).

Mykonos is your next stop, with its whitewashed houses, breathtaking blue harbor, and vibrant nightlife. Your journey concludes in the cradle of European civilization—Athens. You’ll have one more chance to drink in the spellbinding beauty of Greece and give one last shout of “Opa!” before you depart.

Highlights of this cruise:

Venice, Italy
Experience Venice, one of the most captivating—and romantic—cities in the world. Tour the city’s cobblestone streets and overarching bridges, or take to the water and explore the canals on a water taxi or gondola. As you make your way through the city, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to shop, sample delicious Veneto wines, or people watch in Piazza San Marco.

Sibenik, Croatia
A must see in the old part of Sibenik is the Cathedral Sveti Jakov, and if you love the great outdoors, then visit Krka National Park. One of the best ways to see Sibenik is to lose yourself in the side streets and alleys that lead to charming shops and squares. Be sure to take a break at one of the city’s many restaurants and enjoy a local red babić paired with some fresh Adriatic seafood.

Kotor, Montenegro
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kotor is filled with churches, shops, bars, restaurants, and hidden piazzas. (The latter are perfect for enjoying Montenegrin wines like the red Vranac or dry white Krstač.) The entire city is surrounded by stone, both in the form of imposing Mount Saint John and by towering ancient walls, creating a cozy feeling of protection when you walk the cobblestone streets.

Corfu, Greece
It's one of the most popular Greek Isles for good reason. Explore the cobblestoned streets of Old Town in search of handcrafted treasures or while away they day on a sandy beach in town, or head out to the charming countryside. Here you'll find olive groves, lemon trees, and and rugged cliffs that are more than postcard-worthy.

Katakolon, (Olympia), Greece
The quaint seaside town of Katakolon has many charms, but let’s be honest: You’re going to want to head to Olympia. Located just a 40-minute drive away, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the site of the original Olympic Games, dates back to 776 BC, and has excellent companion museums like the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and the Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games.

Santorini, Greece
The capital, Fira, clings to the rim of the caldera 900 feet above the sea. Take the cable car, or giddy up on a donkey to climb the 588 steps to the top. Hike to nearby Oia, a quintessential Greek village. Head south to the 3,500-year-old Minoan town Akrotiri. Often called Greece’s answer to Pompeii, the well-preserved ruins provide a glimpse into Santorini’s storied (and explosive) past.

Mykonos, Greece
Picture perfect is the best way to describe Mykonos. Idyllic in every way, from the brilliant blue water in its harbor to the rows of 16th-century Venetian windmills, Mykonos is a postcard come to life! Spend your days strolling delightful cobblestone streets and visiting artisan craft shops. And when the sun goes down, discover why locals refer to this hedonistic city as the Ibiza of Greece!

Piraeus, (Athens), Greece
Start your journey in Piraeus with an archaeological walk past landmarks like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Agora, and of course, the Acropolis. Afterwards, head to the Central Market for a feast of fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, olives, and Grecian cheese. Finally, check out a local taverna where you can rub elbows with the locals well into the wee hours of the night.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (15)
Quad Triple Twin Single

12 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,022 AU$ 3,522 AU$ 4,522 AU$ 8,805

11 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,092 AU$ 3,615 AU$ 4,662 AU$ 9,085

10 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,157 AU$ 3,702 AU$ 4,792 AU$ 9,345

08 - Club Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed)

AU$ 3,227 AU$ 3,795 AU$ 4,932 AU$ 9,625

09 - Club Interior Stateroom

AU$ 3,227 AU$ 3,795 AU$ 4,932 AU$ 9,625

06 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,292 AU$ 3,882 AU$ 5,062 AU$ 9,885

05 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,362 AU$ 3,975 AU$ 5,202 AU$ 10,165

04 - Club Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 3,427 AU$ 4,062 AU$ 5,332 AU$ 10,425

V3 - Club Veranda

AU$ 4,524 AU$ 5,522 AU$ 7,519 AU$ 14,799

V2 - Club Veranda

AU$ 4,589 AU$ 5,609 AU$ 7,649 AU$ 15,059

P2 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 4,794 AU$ 5,882 AU$ 8,059 AU$ 15,879

P1 - Club Veranda Plus Stateroom (From 2020)

AU$ 4,969 AU$ 6,112 AU$ 8,399 AU$ 16,559

N2 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 5,329 AU$ 6,592 AU$ 9,119 AU$ 17,999

N1 - Club Continent Suite

AU$ 5,399 AU$ 6,686 AU$ 9,259 AU$ 18,279

CW - Club World Owners Suite

AU$ 6,964 AU$ 8,776 AU$ 12,399 AU$ 24,559

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