Oasis. Western Caribbean ex Ft Lauderdale Roundtrip



7 Night Cruise sailing from Ft Lauderdale roundtrip aboard Oasis of the Seas.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Ft Lauderdale roundtrip aboard Oasis of the Seas.

Beyond being the first of its class, Oasis of the Seas® was also the ship that launched a vacation revolution. Seven distinct neighborhoods. Two-level loft suites. The only Zip Line at sea. And the deepest high dive pool ever to sail. These are just a few of the never-before-seen Oasis Class innovations that changed how you stay, play and unwind.

Highlights of this cruise:

Watch the sun rise above the Atlantic horizon on a morning walk along the Fort Lauderdale Beach promenade. Then grab breakfast by the water— you have plenty of spots to choose from, after all this “Venice of America” is home to more than 300 miles of waterways.

There’s nowhere quite like Labadee®— where you can chase an adrenaline rush on an alpine coaster one minute, and do some sun soaking the next. All right in the middle of rolling jungles and sparkling beaches. Cruise to Labadee and trek to the mountaintop to catch serious air on the world's longest zip line over water— the Dragon's Breath Flight LineSM. Or climb the only icebergs in the Caribbean at Arawak Aqua Park. If you just want to kick back and relax, grab our signature drink— the Labadoozie— and your own beach bungalow overlooking Nellie’s Beach. Or take a boat ride off Haiti’s shore for Caribbean hues and ocean views.

Nestled right between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Falmouth is the perfect backdrop for discovery in Jamaica during your cruise— but there are lots to do right there. For a relaxing ride along the shoreline, hop on horseback in Chukkah Beach. Cruise to Falmouth and head to the Water Square and jam out with the locals to live reggae. Culture cravers can get their fix during high tea at the historical Good Hope Estate overlooking the Queen of Spain Valley. And a trip to Falmouth wouldn’t be complete without chowing down on fiery jerk chicken and rum cake, two local favourites.

With its lively tropical reefs, crystal-clear waters and ancient ruins, Cozumel is ripe for one-of-a-kind adventures. Cruise to Cozumel and head to Chankanaab National Park, where you can snorkel among the colorful reefs and schools of tropical fish that give this island its premier diving status. Or travel back in time on an adventure through the towering Maya ruins of Tulum. When you’re done exploring, unwind with a beachside massage at Playa Mia. From culture savoring to soaking up sunshine, you’ll find a world of adventure waiting for you in Cozumel.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (36)
Quad Triple Twin Single

ZI - Inside Guarantee

AU$ 821 AU$ 911 AU$ 1,090 AU$ 2,001

6V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 865 AU$ 965 AU$ 1,165 AU$ 2,150

YO - Oceanview Guarantee

AU$ 879 AU$ 988 AU$ 1,206 AU$ 2,232

2V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 889 AU$ 996 AU$ 1,212 AU$ 2,245

4V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 903 AU$ 1,015 AU$ 1,240 AU$ 2,300

XN - Neighbourhood Balcony Guarantee

AU$ 940 AU$ 1,044 AU$ 1,253 AU$ 2,327

2T - Promenade View Interior Stateroom

AU$ 916 AU$ 1,033 AU$ 1,267 AU$ 2,354

3V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 940 AU$ 1,064 AU$ 1,314 AU$ 2,449

2N - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 943 AU$ 1,069 AU$ 1,321 AU$ 2,463

2S - Central Park View Interior

AU$ 947 AU$ 1,074 AU$ 1,328 AU$ 2,477

6N - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 950 AU$ 1,078 AU$ 1,335 AU$ 2,490

1V - Interior Stateroom

AU$ 954 AU$ 1,083 AU$ 1,342 AU$ 2,504

1L - Panoramic Oceanview Stateroom (From May 2020)

AU$ 977 AU$ 1,114 AU$ 1,389 AU$ 2,599

1N - Oceanview Stateroom

AU$ 981 AU$ 1,119 AU$ 1,396 AU$ 2,613

2I - Boardwalk View Balcony

AU$ 1,022 AU$ 1,149 AU$ 1,403 AU$ 2,626

XB - Balcony Guarantee

AU$ 1,019 AU$ 1,149 AU$ 1,410 AU$ 2,640

1J - Central Park View Balcony

AU$ 1,028 AU$ 1,157 AU$ 1,416 AU$ 2,653

1I - Boardwalk View Balcony

AU$ 1,045 AU$ 1,180 AU$ 1,450 AU$ 2,721

2J - Central Park View Balcony

AU$ 1,062 AU$ 1,203 AU$ 1,484 AU$ 2,789

7D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,073 AU$ 1,217 AU$ 1,505 AU$ 2,830

5D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,093 AU$ 1,244 AU$ 1,546 AU$ 2,912

3D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,100 AU$ 1,253 AU$ 1,559 AU$ 2,939

1D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,113 AU$ 1,271 AU$ 1,586 AU$ 2,993

6D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,124 AU$ 1,285 AU$ 1,607 AU$ 3,034

4D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,144 AU$ 1,312 AU$ 1,648 AU$ 3,116

2D - Oceanview Balcony

AU$ 1,147 AU$ 1,316 AU$ 1,654 AU$ 3,129

1C - Oceanview with Large Balcony

AU$ 1,171 AU$ 1,348 AU$ 1,702 AU$ 3,225

1A - Ultra Spacious Oceanview with Balcony

AU$ 1,148 AU$ 1,337 AU$ 1,716 AU$ 3,252

2C - Oceanview with Large Balcony

AU$ 1,222 AU$ 1,416 AU$ 1,804 AU$ 3,429

J4 - Junior Suite

AU$ 1,930 AU$ 2,211 AU$ 2,770 AU$ 5,360

J3 - Junior Suite

AU$ 1,988 AU$ 2,288 AU$ 2,889 AU$ 5,599

GT - Grand Suite 2 Bedroom

AU$ 2,533 AU$ 3,100 AU$ 4,236 AU$ 8,293

GS - Grand Suite 1 Bedroom

AU$ 2,665 AU$ 3,189 AU$ 4,236 AU$ 8,293

L1 - Crown Loft Suite with Balcony

AU$ 3,036 AU$ 3,683 AU$ 4,978 AU$ 9,776

OS - Owners Suite 1 Bedroom

AU$ 3,158 AU$ 3,846 AU$ 5,222 AU$ 10,265

A3 - Spacious Aqua Theater Suite 1 Bedroom

AU$ 3,281 AU$ 4,009 AU$ 5,467 AU$ 10,755

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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