Van Gogh, (LMA) Provencal Break ex Lyon to Martigues

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2 Night Cruise sailing from Lyon to Martigues aboard Van Gogh.

2 Night Cruise sailing from Lyon to Martigues aboard Van Gogh.

Go on a mesmerizing cruise for a Provençal escapade. Along the Rhone, you will discover natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty. Visit the radiant city of Avignon which will enchant you with its historical richness and its 'joie de vivre'. Capital of the Vaucluse and Côtes du Rhône, an ancient Papal city full of art and museums, let yourself be charmed by this city, full of surprises. Discover the Pont du Gard, great human masterpiece and a wonder of antiquity. You will be dazzled by this magical wild site and also by the Camargue, a land of tradition and passion, devoted to the protection of nature.

Highlights of this cruise:

LYON is the third largest city in France, a long-established business centre - somewhat staid and very bourgeois, but not without its charms. Foremost of these is gastronomy: there are more restaurants per square metre than anywhere else on earth and the city could form a football team with its superstars of the international chef circuit. It also has a charming old quarter, and all the attractions you would expect of a city of its size (around half a million): a lively night scene and cultural life, including the famous Lyonnais puppets.

Visit ancient sites that are the ruined Roman aqueduct at Pont du Gard and the amphitheatre in Arles. This whole region is also fascinating since it was frequently painted by the great Post-Impressionist painters Cézanne and Van Gogh. The combination of gentle light and breathtaking scenery finds echoes throughout the art galleries of the world. Near Arles is Les Baux, a haunting medieval hilltop village. The many olive trees found throughout Provence provide a popular fruit and one of the important staples of the local cuisine, a fine olive oil used extensively in the cooking of local food. Garlic, though not exclusively associated with Provence, is used more here than in any other part of France.

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