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14 Night Cruise sailing from Southampton roundtrip aboard Grand Princess.

14 Night Cruise sailing from Southampton roundtrip aboard Grand Princess.

With an atmosphere of comfortable elegance, tantalizing dining options and dazzling entertainment, your stay on board Grand Princess will be anything but ordinary. Relax at The Sanctuary, a tranquil haven reserved for adults, enjoy Movies Under the Stars® poolside or experience something new with our Discovery at SEA™ enrichment programs.

Highlights of this cruise:

The south of England boasts a dramatic coastline that encloses some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain. The landscape of hills and heaths, downs and forests, valleys and dales, is without rival. Southampton serves as your gateway to the countryside - and to a wide variety of historic sites, national landmarks and charming. And of course, London is a two-hour drive by modern highway.

The United Kingdom's premier passenger ship port, Southampton was home for many years to the great transatlantic liners of yesteryear.

Mention Spain and the images that inevitably spring to mind are images of Andalusia - shadows falling across the bullring, the staccato rhythms of flamenco, the waft of orange blossoms from a Moorish garden. Cadiz is your gateway to this storied land and the city of Seville. Visit Seville's massive Alcazar fortress, modeled on the legendary Alhambra Palace of Granada. See the city's cathedral, a 15th-century Gothic masterwork that boasts a Moorish patio, fountain and minaret. Seville is also the legendary home of Don Juan, Bizet's Carmen and Rossini's Barber of Seville.

Cadiz is one's of Europe's oldest inhabited cities, dating from 1100 B.C., and your gateway to Seville and Andalusia.

Livorno is the gateway to glorious Tuscany. Visit Florence - the cradle of the Renaissance - home to the Duomo, the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio. Here the Medici fostered a city-state whose cultural legacy is as great as classical Athens. Giants like Dante, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo infused the West with a new creative spirit. Then there is Pisa, Florence's rival for political power. Pisa, a brash, commercial seafaring town rivaled the great maritime powers of Venice and Genoa. The city was a leader in art and architecture second only to Florence.

Your gateway to the Eternal City, Civitavecchia has served as Rome's seaport since the 13th century. The port has a long and venerable history. The emperor Trajan built a pleasure villa near the modern city, while Bernini and Michelangelo designed the harbor fortifications.

Yet the Eternal City eternally beckons. The ancient capital of the Western World and the center of Christianity for nearly 2,000 years, Rome provides an inexhaustible feast. Visit the ruins of the Forum, view the splendors of the Sistine Chapel, or climb the Spanish Steps, once the heart of Rome's Bohemian Quarter.

Rome has been a magnet luring the world's greatest artists, architects, and philosophers since the days of the Caesars.

The Straits of Gibraltar separate Ceuta from European Spain. Ceuta is an ancient city - it has been continuously inhabited since its founding by Carthage in the 5th century B.C. Over the millennia, Ceuta has been ruled by Carthage, Rome, the Moorish Kingdom of Granada, Portugal and, since 1580, Spain. From 1912 until 1959, the city was also the capital of Spanish Morocco, a colonial protectorate created when France and Spain divided that kingdom during the "Morocco Crisis" of 1912. Generalisimo Francisco Franco launched the Spanish Civil War from Ceuta in 1936. Today, Ceuta boasts an easy-going charm and a cosmopolitan mix of cultures. The city is also a gateway for Morocco proper and the dramatic landscape of the Rif Mountains.

In antiquity, the Straits of Gibraltar were referred to as "The Pillars of Hercules." Ceuta faces the Rock of Gibraltar across the Straits, and some modern geographers insist the city's Mount Hacho forms the African Pillar as counterpart to The Rock.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (31)
Quad Triple Twin Single

IF - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,786 AU$ 2,963 AU$ 3,318 AU$ 6,412

IE - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,796 AU$ 2,976 AU$ 3,338 AU$ 6,452

ID - Inside Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,378 AU$ 6,532

IC - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,836 AU$ 3,030 AU$ 3,418 AU$ 6,612

IB - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,851 AU$ 3,050 AU$ 3,448 AU$ 6,672

IA - Inside Cabin

AU$ 2,871 AU$ 3,076 AU$ 3,488 AU$ 6,752

OZ - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,916 AU$ 3,136 AU$ 3,578 AU$ 6,932

OY - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,618 AU$ 7,012

OW - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,956 AU$ 3,190 AU$ 3,658 AU$ 7,092

OV - Obstructed Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 2,971 AU$ 3,210 AU$ 3,688 AU$ 7,152

OF - Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,858 AU$ 7,492

OE - Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 3,898 AU$ 7,572

OC - Oceanview Cabin

AU$ 3,111 AU$ 3,396 AU$ 3,968 AU$ 7,712

O3 - Deluxe Oceanview Cabin

Request Request AU$ 4,118 AU$ 8,012

BF - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 4,418 AU$ 8,612

BE - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 4,468 AU$ 8,712

BD - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 4,538 AU$ 8,852

BC - Balcony Cabin

Request Request AU$ 4,598 AU$ 8,972

BB - Balcony Cabin

AU$ 3,811 AU$ 4,096 AU$ 4,668 AU$ 9,112

B2 - Premium Balcony Cabin

AU$ 3,906 AU$ 4,223 AU$ 4,858 AU$ 9,492

B4 - Premium Balcony Cabin

Request AU$ 4,223 AU$ 4,858 AU$ 9,492

ME - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 4,096 AU$ 4,476 AU$ 5,238 AU$ 10,252

MD - Mini Suite with Balcony

AU$ 4,146 AU$ 4,543 AU$ 5,338 AU$ 10,452

S7 - Window Suite

AU$ 4,146 AU$ 4,543 AU$ 5,338 AU$ 10,452

MB - Mini Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 4,676 AU$ 5,538 AU$ 10,852

M1 - Club Class Mini Suite

Request AU$ 5,023 AU$ 6,058 AU$ 11,892

S6 - Vista Suite with Balcony

AU$ 6,486 AU$ 7,080 AU$ 8,268 AU$ 16,312

S4 - Penthouse Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 7,446 AU$ 8,818 AU$ 17,412

S3 - Penthouse Suite with Balcony

Request AU$ 7,813 AU$ 9,368 AU$ 18,512

S1 - Grand Suite with Balcony

AU$ 8,966 AU$ 10,386 AU$ 13,228 AU$ 26,232

BA - Balcony Cabin

AU$ 3,841 AU$ 4,136 Request AU$ 9,232

Please note, while prices and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line policies and pricing and due to currency fluctuations. Currency surcharges may apply. Please check details of price and inclusions at time of booking.

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